Remembering Robin Scott of Ray Scott’s Dock in Margate.

Teary-eyed callers. An on-air tribute to Robin Scott of Ray Scott’s Dock in Margate. The local icon passed recently.

Listen to audio clips from the Shep on Fishing radio show. WOND Radio. 12.18.21.

Callers remember how influential Robin Scott was. Her family shares sweet memories. Her legacy and influence will live forever.

Robin was small in stature but huge in recreational fishing and always involved in preserving a natural way of life for outdoors enthusiasts.

Robin Scott promoted fishing and crabbing and protecting wildlife.

Robin was well-known for rescuing, raising and releasing turtles back into nature.

Ray and Blanche Scott launched Ray Scott’s Dock at 9211 Amherst Ave. in Margate.

Robin ran the operation with her 2 children.

  • Bait and tackle shop
  • Rental-boat fleet
  • Engine repair service
  • Kayak sales and rentals
  • Cruising tiki boat

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