Residents Question Ventnor Public Works Performance

Ventnor Public Works department once again on the hot seat. This time, for the playground mess behind the library.

After more than 2 years, the Ventnor library playground is still not repaired as promised. Why? The City says repairs need to be OK’ed by insurance company approved repairmen.

This begs the question; at what point do we decide that the insurance isn’t worth it… and fix / replace it ourselves? Our kids want to play….in a safe playground.

Social Media Feedback: Why so long to get an insurance claim approved to start playground repairs? This wait is just stupid.

Ventnor Public Works Supervisor Ed Stinson in over his head? Stinson recently jumped from Brigantine to Ventnor.

Ed Stinson of Ventnor Public Works

Stinson reported that necessary repairs to all four Ventnor playgrounds would be completed by June 15. Not gonna happen.

Peter Kleiner on Social Media: Before trashing city employees and/or the commissioners, someone might want to research the facts first before posting/venting on FB which usually accomplished little.

Michael Carr to Peter Kleiner: You’re new around here aren’t ya? When it comes to Public Works, it takes public humiliation to get things done. While you have a small core of guys who want to better Ventnor, you have too many that just want to get paid.

Carr: I served on a short lived [public works] advisory board for public works. The subject of DEADWOOD (worthless employees) came up and that was the LAST meeting. Public Works always been tough to motivate.

Marc Weisberg says: Let’s divert funds to [buy] bigger trash cans instead of nuts and bolts to fix the [playground] equipment.

Kimberly Lane says: I looked at it last weekend. Every metal joint on the entire unit is rusted beyond repair. It needs to be removed. It’s a disgrace.

Downbeach readers on Social Media: This morning, 6 Ventnor public workers went to the corner in front of Florida Cold Cuts to fix a broken piece on concrete the size of a small pizza. 4 of them stood around. The issue was not fixed after 30 mins. Nothing was done. BIG WASTE OF TIME.

Who manages Ventnor Public Works? That answer would be Ed Stinson, who also happens to, oddly, play the role of Brigantine’s city engineer.

Marc Silver says: Consider replacing the equipment completely with the type suited for seashore weather. Longport had similar problem. I’ve lived here for five years and every year media reports severely damaged playgrounds.

Howard Jaffe: It’s a joke and a disgrace. But as long as 75% of the community can’t vote, they [elected officials] won’t care. They should be embarrassed.

Kimberly Lane. Equipment is beyond repair. Every joint is rusted beyond repair.

Marc S Weisberg – Sell off the unused giant trash cans on e-bay. [use that money to fix playground] Jules Sourran: Unfortunately, that would not work because nobody wants the trash cans 🙂

Ventnor Commissioners meetings are a place to voice your concerns, but you only get yessed to death.

There are long delays before the severely limited meeting minutes are published. No wonder commissioners are dragging their feet with properly recording and posting audio / video from all municipal meetings. Disrespectful to those who can’t attend meetings. A slap in the face to second homeowners who make up a majority of tax revenue.

MaryEllen Larzik-Nealis: I called and complained. The [playground] by the little league field is very dangerous. There’s sharp rusted edges everywhere.

Lots of voices on Ventnor Social Media being ignored by City Hall. Does public shaming of Ventnor officials via online…. really work?

4 thoughts on “Residents Question Ventnor Public Works Performance”

  1. Absolutely sad! My family’s favorite thing to look forward to during summer are the weekly concerts at that playground. Now, the concerts are only once a month – why? Where’s the money gone?

    And now the playground is falling apart – again, where’s our taxes going? I have no idea but it doesn’t seem to be going to the drainage problem that persists. Taxes are significantly higher in Ventnor compared to Margate & other areas that are MUCH nicer & well maintained. Shameful!

    Bring back the weekly concerts, fix the playground, & show the taxpayers that you’re actually doing something productive rather than supplying trash cans no wanted or asked for. I would NOT recommend anyone purchasing in Ventnor after seeing the decline & obvious neglect as taxes remain higher than our neighbors.

  2. Donald Tancredi

    Nothing new. Last year, my neighbor who raised his home and has no idea what he’s doing and hires the cheapest and worst contractors. Poured his concrete sidewalks, his contractors had concrete in cars, concrete running down 3 storm sewers and a finish job that looked like it was just plowed like a farmers field.

    I called the building department and voiced my concerns and was hung up on. So, I had no other recourse but to shame them on the Ventnor City Forum.

    Afterwards, I went down to the Mayor’s office [Beth Holtzman], complained to her secretary, and jumped up and down in the Mayor’s office.

    Was asked if I wanted to go to the building department office. I declined, figuring things would get out of control with me. Well, when Jimmy Agnesino got to my house, poop hit the fan. City employees and contractors washing down the street, cars, storm water inlets. But that’s what it took to get something done. Jumping up and down in the Mayor’s office.

    1. Growing up on the island was great in the 70’s. With more folks here now that “claim to care”, less seems to be getting accomplished.

      The playgrounds do not draw revenue, but bring more children out. We want our kids to be safe, have fun, and never have to leave the island!

  3. Another thing that a few people have called about but never gets taken care of. Shoveling off the deep sand that has gathered on the entrance to the Dorset Ave beach. I have called year after year to mayor & Maintainance & they say yes they’ll clear the path but it never gets done. The original wooden path hasn’ been seen in years. Getting off the beach is worst because it’s uphill & is difficult for all ages. I was told the blue mats cost too much. well ok fine get the crew to shovel off the sand very couple of weeks when they are doing the beach cleaning. I have already called this summer but nothing has been cleaned off yet. Over the past few years I have seen people fall trying to carry things & walk through deep sand. The maintenance crew should get off the benches & grab a shovel

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