Forced Retirement of Ventnor Police K9’s; Axel and Joker.

Ventnor Police K9
Thank you for your service, Axel & Joker.

Due to budget cutbacks, the City of Ventnor has decided to force the retirement of two Ventnor City Police Department K9’s.

These brave police dogs and their handlers, K9 LT. David Gaeckle and A/Sgt Marc Franco Jr., have served Ventnor with pride.

Hundreds of hours of training and time away from family. Sleepless nights. Being called into dangerous and volatile situations. Protection of Ventnor. Our Downbeach community will forever be grateful.

Budget cutbacks force closure of Ventnor Police K9 unit.

The decision forces the retirement of both Belgian Malinois dogs, Axel and Joker. The 4-legged officers will be adopted by their handlers.

These premature retirements shall not overshadow the numerous outstanding achievements of which these K9’s and handlers worked so vigorously for.

Ventnor Police

K9 Axel #901: Responsible for over 130 cases, 65 vehicle searches, 11 surrenders, 24 Tracks, assisted in 6 search warrant executions and aiding to the seizure of over 325 grams of Marijuana, over 1,396 bags of Heroin, 28.50 grams of Meth, 4.21 ounces of Cocaine and $16,770.00 in currency.

K9 Joker #902: Responsible for over 82 cases, 44 vehicle searches, 17 surrenders, assisting in 5 search warrant executions, and aiding to the seizure of in total, 4 Pounds of marijuana, 11,561 bags of heroin, 4 ounces of meth, 12 grams of ecstasy, 1 firearm, and $12,250 in currency.

Collectivity in 2019 as a team at the USPCA National Detector Trails, Axel and Joker along with their handlers representing the Ventnor City Police Department prestigiously achieved 1st place surpassing all nationally ranked K9 teams.

The Belgian Malinois officers completed over 28 weeks of training and certified in tracking, apprehension, article search, building search, and narcotic detection. We thank them for their service.

Axel and Joker, enjoy your retirement.

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  1. Very sad to see these four-legged officers cut, their stats say alone that they are very much needed in the community. It is a blessing that their human partners can adopt them for their retirement, it’s not always the case, so that is the only happy ending here.

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