Risk & Reward of Offshore Jersey Wind Turbines

orsted new jersey wind farm turbine

‘If we install wind turbines off the Jersey shore, we can kiss flounder fishing goodbye’. That’s what veteran anglers are saying about the threat of 500 wind mills, being installed about 5 miles off the South Jersey coast.

Flatfish like flounder, avoid electromagnetic currents… created by offshore Wind farms.

Listen > Wind Farm Talk WOND RADIO. 8.3.19

European companies are getting these US wind deals. Why? They’re unable to expand their wind farm business in Europe. They need more fertile markets, like the United States.

Coal fired plants are still needed when wind farms are erected.

New Jersey electric ratepayers will see additional fees in their monthly electric bills, all to subsidize European-built wind farms.

Is South Jersey Ready for This?

Wind companies like Orsted are financially motivated to keep the wind turbines as close to shore as possible. Specific details as to the location of the ‘forest of wind turbines’ are not well known.

Local politicians still keeping quiet on the issue. So far, elected officials have done little to stick up for South Jersey fishermen, even though fishing is the #2 industry in South Jersey.

chris brown wind turbine new jersey orsted
Will Politicians Step Up?

Coast Guard & ocean shipping concerns are against this forest of wind turbines.

Robin Scott: Unions jobs already in place. No new jobs. Jobs will benefit North Jersey employees. Staging is out of Point Pleasant, NJ.

Robin Scott: Wind farms will provide little financial benefit to South Jersey. Most jobs will be given to out- -of-towners. Saltwater and metal don’t mix. High likelihood of corrosion and breakdown.

To date, NJ State has only approved a wind-farm region from Hereford Inlet to Atlantic City.

  • Fed has to ultimately approve.
  • Tax abatement will expire at end of year.
  • All 3 wind companies are European.
  • State says DONE DEAL. But not so fast…
  • Wind farms will hurt South Jersey the most.

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