Risky Downbeach Digging, Water Drainage, Property Damage, Lawsuits.

Margate Richard Deaney
Margate Leadership

The downside of rapid, Real Estate development in Margate and Ventnor. Drainage problems. Housing density.

Dig too deep or misjudge the water table when replacing sewer pipes or installing a pool… and watch your Downbeach neighbors seethe with anger.

In Margate, at least 6 residential properties have been damaged by a pipe & drainage upgrade project along Amherst Ave. LISTEN>

Margate Commission. Nov 19, 2021

Insurance companies are low-balling affected homeowners. City of Margate being sued. Homeowners seeking relief for damage caused by Mathis, the contractor hired by City of Margate.

Margate Business Admin Richard Deaney playing defense.


During Nov 18 meeting of Ventnor Commissioners, a resident pleaded for help. Says his property was engulfed in water due to a pool being installed next door.

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