Sad. Final Days of Water Views from Ventnor Boardwalk

VIDEO > You don’t know what ya got….til it’s gone. Ventnor will soon understand what Atlantic City has been screaming about for years.

When towering dunes were built along Atlantic City Boardwalk, it virtually killed the local, non-casino economy. Once vibrant retailers turned into fortune tellers and cheap t-shirt shops. There was little reason to ‘walk the boards’. Most just stayed inside the casinos.

Will the removal of scenic vistas hurt Ventnor?

Picturesque water views and summer scenery will be sadly missed once 14 foot dunes are constructed over the next 6 weeks in Ventnor.  Indeed, a most unique attraction of Ventnor will soon be gone.

Ventnor is bending over big time. The still struggling town is surrendering one of it’s few, super-valuable tourist draws… to an outgoing Governor with record-low approval ratings.

Barely a whimper of push-back from Ventnor leadership, and especially the South Jersey Congressman that actually lives in Ventnor, Frank LoBiondo.

Ventnor to Vanquish Views & Vistas >

Final Days of Water Views from Ventnor Boardwalk

Dune building in Ventnor – approx 47 days. June 22 thru mid-August 2017.

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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will work 24 hours a day and block off up to four blocks of beach at a time, reported.

2 thoughts on “Sad. Final Days of Water Views from Ventnor Boardwalk”

  1. Catherine Van Duyne > The dunes in AC didn’t create the cheap Tshirt shops (they have been there since 1978) or kill the local economy.

    The over building of casinos unsupported by market forces and poor planning and complete lack of leadership and cohesive regional marketing and a little pinch of greed has created the AC of today.

    Daniel Fedeli > I’m not sure that happened, but what did happen was it stopped the ocean breeze .Having lived on the walk and worked on it for decades you can feel the difference …… sort of like a house built on a slab the floor is colder, this is in reverse …….the blocking of the view for sure.

    Of all the flooding i have seen since 60’s, it was mostly bay …I am not sure it would of stopped the flooding from Sandy after a few hits by the ocean

    What destroyed the business was state, city, casino ……unconscious incompetence and bottom line sent to other properties ….allowing one to own 3 casinos … the list goes on and on ……Barrier islands ….. will always flood ……..

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