Public Safety is Job #1 for Ventnor Police Chief, Doug Biagi

Watch video clips from the Ventnor Department Head Meeting of Jan 10, 2019. See notes from meeting, below.

Class 1 & 2 officers will have a greater presence this summer on the Ventnor boardwalk. Class 2 officers carry firearms and have greater arrest authority.

It’s an extra layer of protection, not that it’s necessarily needed…better safe than sorry: Ventnor Police Chief Biagi.

Letting Ventnor and Downbeach summer visitors know we care about their safety.

Plastic bags, smoking, vaping. Pretty soon, the State of NJ will ‘outlaw flatulence soon’

Enforcement. Arrest for disorderly conduct. We must enforce state laws. We gotta set the tone.

A Police blotter will soon be published. Publishing reports of people getting arrested in Ventnor.

‘Ventnor is no Mayberry’ says Police Chief Biagi.

Chief Biagi expects eventually, he’ll get complaints about the blotter. Even though it’s an effective, yet embarrassing tool to encourage good behavior. Biagi mused: It might go away….when/if we arrest the wrong person’s son.

Ventnor Police now working closer with City Zoning. This will help identify zoning non-compliance with both business and residential properties.

Ventnor Police are using large amounts of Narcan. ‘Using it on a crazy level. We’re buying it in bulk’ says Biagi.

Ventnor Police Body-Cams and Dashboard Cameras to be utilized.

By February, Ventnor Police officers will wear body-cams. Training is going on now. Police vehicle dashboard cameras will also be installed.

It works both ways. Protect police officers from untrue or inaccurate accusations. It helps citizens too.

AirBNB shooting on New Years Eve. People involved were from out of town.

5 thoughts on “Public Safety is Job #1 for Ventnor Police Chief, Doug Biagi”

  1. watched a illegal search out of my window.. your k9 handler should know how to handle his dog and what the signs are if there are drugs in a car!!

  2. Margate PD has had in-car cameras and body cameras for over two years.
    In-car cameras were mandated by law two years ago.
    Better late than never…….

    1. You may want to check your facts before posting…. it was not mandated in New Jersey 2 years ago and still is not mandated, but you are correct that Margate as well as Longport PD had them before Ventnor. Many law enforcement agencies in NJ including the NJ State Police are in the process of installing Body worn cameras and motor vehicle cameras. It is an expensive undertaking. It’s not a race to see who gets them first , it’s a huge budgetary undertaking.

      1. A-2280/S-1305 was signed into law on 09/2014. Your are correct in that
        the law was overturned in 2016 by a governmental council that may have
        overstepped it’s authority. It has nothing to do with who gets them first,
        it has to due with which agencies take accountability seriously. To hide
        behind a “budgetary issue” is weak………….

  3. Maybe Chief Biagi should stop worrying about running for Mayor in the next election and worry about
    running his agency.

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