Santucci’s in Ventnor Debuts Downbeach Teen Night

Santucci Ventnor Pizza Wings

One of our favorite foodie spots, Santucci’s in Ventnor, will host a much-needed ‘Downbeach Teen Night’ every Thursday starting on July 15.

The goal, says Santucci’s management, is to provide a fun and safe environment for our young adults.

Know someone between 13-17 yrs of age? Spread the word.

Santucci’s will have two separate spaces, Teen Night will be held within the indoor dining area.

All other customers, 18+, will be hosted on Santucci’s excellent roof deck.

santuccis Ventnor
Santucci’s Popular Roof Deck

Have kids 13-17? Drop them off downstairs and enjoy live music and drinks upstairs. Should be a win-win for everyone.

The fun starts at 6p and goes til 9p each Thursday night at Santucci’s Original Square Pizza in Ventnor.

Admission is just $20 and includes pizza, soda and a popular DJ.

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4 thoughts on “Santucci’s in Ventnor Debuts Downbeach Teen Night”

  1. 18-19-20 year olds could use activities as well, as I imagine fake IDs and going out underage to bars is harder to come by(Margate had their first big crackdown on checking IDs and stuff the year I was 19, in the pre-internet era , as someone underage got injured in one of the bars back in the day).

  2. A lovely restaurant. Santucci’s reaching out to teens is a gold star in their cap.

    Margate should take lessons from Ventnor.

    Ventnor is a great community. Thank God they are saving all those beautiful old homes.

    Nice going Ventnor and Santucci’s.

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