Santucci’s Teen Night, Avalon, Margate, Atlantic City Get Rowdy .

Santucci’s in Ventnor thinking out of the box. Their Thursday Teen Night helping to keep kids occupied.

Watch the DownbeachBUZZ webcast.

In Avalon, rowdy teens forced that particular shore town to close their beach & boardwalk earlier than normal.

A 10p curfew now being used in Atlantic City as Boardwalk crime becomes more of a worry.

Margate’s Club Wa at Washington & Ventnor Ave is a very popular place for young adults to gather. A few bad apples usually ruin it for the rest.

Police ‘handcuffed’ by new rules from Gov Phil Murphy.

Watch the webcast.

1 thought on “Santucci’s Teen Night, Avalon, Margate, Atlantic City Get Rowdy .”

  1. Stop handcuffing the police from doing their duty and handcuff the one’s that are causing the problems.
    It’s disgusting the way these Governor’s treat our Police. It’s as though they are rewarding bad behavior.
    Let the Police do their job. Take the handcuffs off.

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