Shoobie Stay Home? Corona Virus Pits Downbeach Locals Against Second Homeowners

Should Downbeach second-home owners stay away from their seashore property? Some locals certainly think so. NJ Governor Phil Murphy feels the same way. ‘Stay in your primary residence’ says Murphy.

Locals growing more uncomfortable. Part-time residents of Ventnor, Margate & Longport are escaping the big city.

One could only assume they feel more secure in their second home along the shore. Can ya blame ’em? Just trying to stay away from COVID-19, also known as the Corona Virus.

Increase of visitors with out of state plates being spotted. Likely coming from locales with higher infection rates.

Jersey Shore towns like Ventnor, Margate and Longport are made up of approx 75% second-home owners. This non-voting group handles the largest portion of municipal bills.

Many full-time residents not happy about increased burden on grocery stores. A higher potential for contamination? A run on toilet paper?

Some Downbeach locals not shy about their disdain for the so-called ‘shoobie’.

Residents of Ventnor, Margate and Longport wonder if local health care providers will be overwhelmed. Some local mayors like Beth Holtzman of Ventnor have publicly urged 2nd-homeowners to stay away. For now.

Will NJ restrict visitor access to shore towns? Only primary home-owners permitted? Crazy talk.

Why can’t 2nd homeowners retreat and hunker down in their shore home?  Less people. Less infections.

Online squabbles. Social Media fights. Shoobie stay home nonsense. The age-old battle of full-time vs part-timers. The tension is still there. No matter what elected officials tell ya.

Need your voice heard? Consider joining the Margate Homeowners Association.

Live in Longport or Ventnor? Too bad. No homeowners or taxpayers groups in those towns. Yet.

39 thoughts on “Shoobie Stay Home? Corona Virus Pits Downbeach Locals Against Second Homeowners”

  1. Staying at home guy

    Fun stuff. Guess we’ll find out if it’s a good idea if/when the local hospitals fail. Doctors don’t give a flip how much taxes you pay when they decide who gets a ventilator and who dies in the hallway. I’m sure our little hospitals have loads of ventilators. Lol.

    Good luck!

  2. I can see why the year round residents are upset. There are more elderly in Margate, Ventnor etc. in the winter time.

    I’m sure Casels is stocked, however not to the point where it could handle hundreds more people coming into town unexpectedly.

    This is a serious matter. Look at how it’s spreading throughout New York because people are going to their summer homes on Long Island. The Hospitals are not set up for a mass migration to the shore. Have some common sense, stay in Philly, Cherry Hill, New York and wherever so people are safe.

    1. Seriously? How about if I want to be in my home so I don’t get sick from others?

      75% is the estimated number of folks who own as their 2nd home in Longport, Margate and Ventnor. Therefore, they contribute the most to the economy.

      Many businesses would simply not exist without the 3-5 months many choose to reside in Longport, Margate & Ventnor.

      Would you prefer to pay higher taxes? Have some common sense, I can stay in any home I own and pay taxes on.

      1. > I can stay in any home I own and pay taxes on.

        Of course you can. Doesn’t give Shore Memorial any more rooms or ventilators tho.

        See you on the floor of the AC Convention Center!

      2. Thank you, Kim! i have to pay taxes for a place that i use maybe 60-70 days a year and the locals don’t think i should come!! Imagine what their taxes would be if all the 2nd homeowners wouldn’t contribute!!

        1. > Imagine what their taxes would be if all the 2nd homeowners wouldn’t contribute!!

          Well we’ll probably find out if/when the hospital, which is smaller than a Walmart, gets overloaded.

          But yeah, everyone come to the 2nd most infected state to not get sick, ya geniuses. Our Fisher Price hospital will save you.

          Probably lots of cheap home auctions next year for those that have cash… and stayed home.

    2. There are plenty of people who are going to their shore house for a change of pace and they do not need the hospital so why do people living there full time care. I pay a large amount of taxes and feel like if I want to go to my house to be able to take nice long walks and still limit my family to quarantine in our shore house there is not a good reason why I shouldn’t

      1. Well that’s the life/death gamble, isn’t it? Good luck!

        And those huge taxes you pay won’t buy you or your family a ventilator. Sorry!

  3. Almost all of these comments exhibit one of the saddest facts about the way many Americans have evolved. It is only me me me me me. There’s no consideration for anyone else but themselves. I say, be considerate, keep distance from others, wash your hands, stay as healthy as possible, and try to do something nice or say something nice for a total stranger.

  4. The drawbridges should have all been raised on March 12th with no one getting onto Absecon Island unless they have a “local” address on their driver’s license.

    Shore residents and our homes were much better protected after Hurricane Sandy which wasn’t nearly as life threatening as Covid-19. But we were safer then because all entry points were by blocked by police checking ID and drivers licenses.

    Our towns’ PD’s kept us and our homes safe. If only we could’ve been protected like that again.

    There was no panic or hoarding here until seasonal people flooded our towns, unexpected, unwanted and against warnings from NJ Gov. Murphy to stay home at their primary residences. But no, they’re all so special.. the Governor’s words didn’t mean “them.”

    So here we are.. summer arrived early this year. It’s going to be a very long season.

  5. You’re right, Richard. We should have compassion for each other in a crisis. But who, who, who, who, who, in this case, is the loudest voice of “me, me, me, me, me”?

    Healthy people want to escape crowded areas where they feel they’re in jeopardy, just as people in the path of a hurricane want to (did, and were welcomed, no tax required) escape an island when they feel they’re in jeopardy.

    C’mon, we all know by now that the first verified Cape May County positive coronavirus case was an Ocean City native, that there is no greater shortage of groceries and other staples in shore towns than anywhere else on the east coast, and that hospitals across the country are only admitting those local to their areas – so there’s NO chance that New Yorkers will take the handful of ventilators available for shore towns.

    So why do the locals keep harping on already refuted arguments? The irony is, that when shore town medical services won’t suffice for locals, and regional city hospitals are overwhelmed, not a single shore-town local, bitterly complaining now, will be saying, “no, please don’t take me to a superior city hospital that could save my life! It just wouldn’t be fair of me to tax the limited resources of the year-round city dwellers.”

    What this once-in-a-lifetime crisis has exposed is that it’s been a one-way street all along. Year-round residents of shore towns don’t care if second homeowners are quarantining themselves and endangering no one, they’ll call them dangerous anyway. They don’t acknowledge that they, all by themselves, chose to live in a resort town established by and supported by second homeowners, that couldn’t exist without them.

    They don’t care that second homeowners have provided them with years of financial backing and emergency support in times of crisis, without ever asking anything in return, mistakenly believing that the locals were their neighbors.

    This two-faced outcry against law-abiding homeowners, year-round is disingenuous, sophomoric, ill-informed, and pernicious.

    1. This isn’t about tribalism, it’s about resource allocation. Ever hear the expression “you can’t hit a moving target”? Yeah, well a whole hell of a lot of people left one healthcare system for another, with no way to reallocate the medical supplies on short notice.

      The resources are obviously allocated by population. There’s no reason to send resource here, since the population is tiny. Ipso facto, there are not enough medical supplies for the current inflated population.

      This isn’t about me me me. It’s about us us us. You’re in the exact same position I am.

  6. You’ll feel better if you read the regulations. You can only be admitted by your LOCAL primary physician to a hospital or medical center in his or her LOCAL area. What you’re afraid of simply can’t happen. Has not been allowed since Sunday, 3/22/20.

    1. People are dying. I don’t feel “better” about any of this.

      I’ll feel better when people stop being selfish and stay inside their houses. This isn’t a vacation. The restaurants and your homes will be fine. No one cares about taxes/money right now. Stay inside. We are in a 24 hour curfew right now. Respect it, or they will close the bridges. Get smart.

      1. If you dont care about taxes or money, then pay more during the “off season”. Why dont you ask the small busineses if they care about money. Youre selfish and in a panic.

        You need to calm down and speak to someone who can help you via teleconferencing.

        In no way did I imply that thousands of homeowners are going to flood Margate like Sandy. We have our own issues where we live. And Im sure, just like you, we are doing everything that we can to prevent the “spread”.

        But, don’t call us SHOOBIES and dictate what you feel is right. We all have lives and we will live those lives the best that we can.

        In fact, why don’t you and your friends stay in your homes or leave the island during the summer months so that the shoobies don’t have to wait in line for dinner.

          1. I thought about the question, am I saving lives? Do you mean at work, at home, or in general? At work, yes. At home, yes. In general, Im not killing anyone.
            That was an ignorant comment and now I will stand up and kiss my wife. Clean my house. Speak to my children and plan our next trip to Margate. And, if I have any money left between the stock market and keeping my practice closed, maybe I will able to pay for a dinner or two.
            Your comment was ignorant. By the way, when you pay your bills, dont forget to sanitize the check, envelope, and stamp.
            DONT BE A SPREADER.

          2. Hahaha. Hahaha… if you were really a doctor then you would know that no one is supposed to travel now. Social distancing didn’t work fast enough, and now we’re actually locked down. And you would be busy saving lives instead of spreading expired information on this website. So you’re either lying, or the worst doctor ever.

            No one is impressed by your money (which you probably don’t) have. No one is impressed by your fancy dinners with friends that don’t really like you. This is Margate, we’re all rich (or in stupid debt). Go to Wendy’s if you want to impress someone with your leased Mercades.

            We’re impressed with Americans doing the right thing now. Sacrificing by staying home and watching Netflix to save lives. 1% of the people reading this probably won’t live to see Memorial Day. 5-8% of the people over 60 probably won’t live to see Memorial Day. If you’re not trying to lower than number, stay home and count your money. You’re helping no one with what you’re doing.

          3. You no nothing about me and have no idea what I do or what Im doing. You are ignorant with blinders. o one is saying not to follow the CDC guidlines but dont tell me what I can and cant do with my property. Honestly, I think your aftaid of me taking your last roll of toilet paper. You may not want to look out your window because the next car that parks on your street may be a shoebie.
            Youre probably retired and in a panick. Please calm down and watch the news. That should really give you more “comfort”.
            Dont be a knucklehead. Im trying to help you from discriminating against your neighbors.
            I have to go now. I have to disinfect my mail that I had my dog bring in from my mailbox.

          4. Let me help the good “doctor” here. This is the official Margate position posted here on DownbeachBuzz:

            “ Travel is restricted for all non-essential and non-emergency purposes.

            The travel curfew is now 24 hours with exemptions allowed for very basic needs.

            All non-essential businesses are to be closed until further notice.

            All essential businesses must be closed by 8pm.

            The Governor also urged part-time residents to remain at their primary residences explaining that the healthcare infrastructure at the New Jersey shore lacks the capacity to handle a large influx of potentially critically ill patients during the offseason.”

            The “doctor” is an idiot. His stupid opinions could get people infected, or worse. Stay in your house. Don’t leave. Get food delivered. It looks like we’ll hit 1 MILLION infected in USA early next week. NJ is 2nd most infected state after NY. Take every precaution you can now, while you can.

          5. Youre still a knucklehead. Almost everyone in the US has read that statement. There is no denying either one of those statements. Those are suggestions. And I do understand. But, if I need to go to my property, I will.
            You have no idea how to properly contain any virus nor do you have any other baxkground other than what you have read or have seen on tv. You are still ignorant and a knucklehead and I suspect you will remain that way.
            This virus will be contained. You better begin to worry about the economy. If people cant pay their mortgages and move, who will support the economy? If people cant go to the shore because of lack of funds, who will support the economy? Do you understand that the virus is only part of the problem.
            When your forced to move, I guess youll be the “SHOEBIE”.
            Stay well my friend. Stay safe. And finally, when I do come down to MY property, I hope this virus is gone and you realize how much of a discriminating person you are.

          6. All the money and houses in the world won’t buy you a ventilator if you get sick right now. We haven’t even peaked yet. NJ added 2k confirmed cases so far today. If you get sick now, and need medical help, you’ll likely die sitting up in a chair in the AC Convention Center.

            I hope I’m wrong. But either way I’ll live, because I’m not out in public. Will you live?

          7. Still a knucklehead. You may die when you take your trash out and a shoebie on a bycicle accidentally hits you.

  7. I find it offensive that I as a homeowner in Margate, am being called a “shoebie”.
    This “shoebie” :
    – pays taxes
    – supports the school system without having children attend
    – supports local businesses
    – donates to a variety of causes
    – supports local activities and events
    – goes through the same struggles during different weather, economic, and social events
    – cares for my property as would any other “local”
    – in fact, this “shoebie” continues to travel to his humble abode in the winter and continues to support local businneses.
    I do understand the need to stop the spread of this terrible virus. But, if I am practicing all of the recommended precautions, then I will contain the “spread”. I still have a house that I need to protect and manage as do all of you.
    Instead of you “locals” becoming the panic, why dont you STOP the panic.

    1. > But, if I am practicing all of the recommended precautions, then I will contain the “spread”.

      You’re not following the precautions. We’re in a 24 hour curfew except for emergency travel. If you move for some stupid selfish reason, you’re not containing the spread. STOP MOVING. That’s why people are screaming about shutting bridges. People aren’t listening.

      We’re looking at 1 million infections in the US in next 3 days, at the current growth rate. Now is not the time to be stupid. Bodies are about to overflow morgues. Your precious beach house is not worth yours or anyone’s life.

  8. Now Margate is looking for money from the homeowners ass. It’s going for a great cause, Shore Memorial. In light of the recent debate of “shoobie go home”, do you want our money?

    1. No one cares about your money! We want to save lives! STFU.

      This is Margate. We’re all rich or we wouldn’t be able to afford to live here. But it’s pretty easy to tell when someone is faking it. Am I right?

      1. JFC, you truly are an ***. Now you’re assuming that all people in Margate are “rich”. That’s an idiotic comment.

        I’m sure you meant that you’re rich and you’re going to make a large monetary donation to Shore Memorial.

        Instead of writing a blog, why don’t you WRITE a check. On the other hand, why don’t you ask your parents to write the check, they probably own your house.

        1. No one cares about money right now. Stop it. You’re embarrassing yourself.

          Also, JFC isn’t my name. It’s an expression of how shocked I am that someone like you exists. Everyone else gets it. Didn’t think I needed to make it more clear.

  9. JFC, This virus is not going away anytime soon. Could be years. Sorry to say, but it will come down to Survival of the Fittest.

    Stop living in fear, afraid that a taxpaying neighbor is going to steal resources that you feel, that only you, are entitled to. You should be thanking that 2nd homeowner for contributing to making your town beautiful.

    Since you’re so concerned about draining resources, why don’t you put that energy into doing something about illegal immigrants draining our system. Using our schools, healthcare system and hospital beds in Atlantic County and New Jersey.

    You may not get a ventilator. Not because of the 2nd homeowner, but because an illegal immigrant beat you to it. The irony in that.

    I live in NJ and have a 2nd home at shore oh… and I save lives too.

  10. JFC and your local buddies have harassed the elderly and have even resulted in vandalism because of COVID-19.

    I just read this from the Margate Homeowners Association website. You are now going after people and their cars with PA license plates. This makes me sick and infuriated.

    You are a piece of garbage. You brought on anger and your friends brought on hate. YOU GIVE MARGATE A BAD NAME. Do your family and friends realize that your a dk?

    1. That’s libel and I can sue you for that statement. I’ve done nothing of what you claim.

      I’ve argued for everyone to use common sense. The experts don’t know where you are if you’re not at your primary residence. They can’t allocate resources appropriately if you’re moving. Stop being dumb.

  11. Jersey has the second highest Covid case count behind New York in the nation. Pennsylvania is number six in the nation. Do the math. Yet we see an influx of Jersey and New York plates in our state all the time. My family and I stay home in our rural predominately Amish Lancaster County. As we have since this began. Actually, not since last year. We are not interested in your shore at this point. And probably wont ever return after seeing the comments here. We are just one family so it doesnt matter. But please, return the favor… stay away from us as well.

  12. I found the posts by Lauren Marie Cooke to be those of a very ignorant person. These beach towns would not even exist if it wasn’t for us Shoobies. We pay full taxes, don’t vote, don’t send our kids to school there, don’t use any of their recourse for 9 months. She is probably the result of heavy drug use and a pretentious upbringing but failed in life so now she is bitter. Keep complaining cupcake and I will keep coming to my massive summer home while you walk for blocks for parking. Haha.

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