Should Private Margate Fishing Pier Get Public Funding?

Video from Ron T. Brown.

NJ State taxpayers (that includes Margate), will soon subsidize a Margate Fishing Pier extension. The cost will be approx $850,000, for an additional 125 ft. of pier.

DEP & State are compensating the private, members-only Anglers Club of Absecon Island, better known as the Margate fishing pier. The recent beach replenishment project made fishing virtually impossible from the pier.

Commish Amodeo says the general public will have limited access to the pier, with no access to club house. The public will only have access to a small portion of the old walkway.

Wanna enjoy a small piece of the Margate Fishing Pier? Public access is only available from the beach, during certain hours…..and certain parts of the year.

City of Margate will try to create portable stairs, if the State lets them. And what about security? No lights. Could be hazardous.

Project is not ADA compliant.

A great deal for the private pier. Not so great for Margate taxpayers. The pier extension will be paid for with taxes raised from local and state taxpayers.

How do local residents feel about this?

Downbeach resident Frank Cavallaro is not shy about his thoughts on local government. His social media page features this quote: I can be your BEST friend or your worst enemy. With that in mind, we wonder how Mr Cavallaro feels about this controversial, Margate Fishing Pier deal?

Cavallaro: A deal was struck to provide public money to the Margate Pier so they can extend their pier. Public money is being provided to the privately owned Margate Fishing Pier. The pier will remain private.

The public will NOT be allowed in area next to, or in front of the pier club house. Translation: the public will not be allowed to fish on that pier even though public money was provided to extend the fishing pier.

General public will not be allowed in the club house. No access to the club rest rooms either. ‘This is so wrong and nothing is being done about it’, says Cavallaro.

Compare this to the Ventnor Fishing Pier which is fully public. The public is allowed to walk on the pier, all the way to the second gate (over the water) and sit and enjoy the views.

General public is allowed to fish on Ventnor pier by paying a daily or annual fishing fee.

Cavallaro: Ventnor Pier membership is not required to fish nor is it required to use the restrooms. Ventnor Pier membership is offered to all. By comparison, the Margate fishing pier membership is closed unless you have a pier member sponsor you.

Anglers Club of Absecon Island, has 125 members who pay $320 per year.

Cavallaro: The Margate Fishing Pier is owned and operated by it’s members. Are limitations placed on them after receiving public money? Could they sell the pier property and riparian rights to another owner?

Public money will come from NJ Green Acres (taxpayer funded, State and Federal money)

Public money should mean public access.

Margate taxpayers money will be used for building steps, maintenance, trash, etc.

The pier will remain private. The public will not have any fishing access to fish. Not even on a daily basis for a fee (like Ventnor).

Being sponsored and paying an annual fee is mandatory. No daily fishing fees offered, either. ‘This is simply ridiculous’, says Cavallaro.

Three PRIVATE oceanfront fishing piers on the Jersey coast

  • Angler’s Club of Absecon Island in Margate
  • 14th Street Fishing Pier in Ocean City
  • Casino Fishing Pier in Seaside Heights

Social Media Feedback

Michael Rosen: Great way to piss a bunch of money away. That pier needs to be extended 200 feet. That’s gonna cost a ton. Tax payers will be able to go out to the water line, but no further. That’s a joke. In North Carolina, there are piers with bars & restaurants. Some are free. Others pay 5 bucks a day to fish.

12 thoughts on “Should Private Margate Fishing Pier Get Public Funding?”

  1. The pier us private…built, owned, and operated by private individuals. The State injured them by extending the beach, thereby ruining their enjoyment of fishing on the pier. Therefore the State must make them whole. The local residents are lucky they are getting to use any portion of the pier. Margate residents … the biggest crybaby spoiled brats on earth.

    1. You are so right. Once again the government gets involved in a private organization and ends up sticking the bill to local taxpayers. What about all that “Sandy” money that gave us the dunes. I am sure the DEP and State have plenty leftover. They screwed it up ..make them fix it, no strings attached.

    2. Crybaby? Ridiculous comment! Why should the city taxpayers have to pay for a private fishing pier? They should not. It’s a disgrace that this was even considered.

  2. Are you saying that there will be a special assessment in Margate only for the Pier expansion? Such an assessment would have to be voted on by the Mayor and Commissioners. Your efforts are better directed to the governing body which would simply involve attending a commission meeting and asking If Margate taxes will be increasing solely to assist in funding the Pier extension. None of these comments are helpful to those Margate residents that would like to know whether their taxes will increase to help pay for the Pier work. If you would take the time to attend a commission meeting and ask I think you’ll find that no such assessment or increase is proposed.

  3. Folks, any time the 3 Amigos are involved, you know they will screw the public and figure out a way to skim money since they are beyond corrupt. Margate is a cesspool of corruption and there is nothing anyone can do about it since the vast majority of homeowners can’t vote. Eyes wide open!

  4. Private pier, no user access to the public. Best for them to wait for the next storm to return the ocean to the pier as seen in Ventnor.
    Private property on public lands. NO WAY is the public required to pay for their exclusive privileges.
    If they want public support I suggest they charge a reasonable daily access fee as on the Ventnor pier so that all can enjoy the investment of public funds. Only then would public support be obtainable.

  5. This private pier should not be supported by my tax dollars. Since it is private maybe they had insurance to cover their changes? If not let them access their members, not all Margate property owners.

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