Should Ventnor Use Public Funds to Bail-out Private Property?

Should Ventnor Taxpayers Buy This Land?

Looks like the City of Ventnor wants to buy an empty lot on Ventnor Ave.

Ventnor Commissioners claim they want more open-space in the city. They want to turn this small (30 ft wide) area at 6510-12 Ventnor Ave., into a so-called ‘pocket park’. Sounds nice, but why would the City even consider this expensive idea that some call a private bail-out using public funds?

If Ventnor City buys the property, it would no longer pay property taxes. Property would be removed from the municipal tax rolls. Is this a good use of taxpayer funds? Should city consider purchasing other distressed properties in town as well?

NOTE: a similar situation took place in Ocean City recently. Mayor Gillian and OC City Council were ready to pay far above market value for a shuttered automobile dealership. Local homeowners organization called FIT, Fairness in Taxes, stepped in to slow that controversial deal. Read more from FIT.

Ventnor considers public bail-out of private property using ‘pocket park’ scheme.

Is this space too small to build? That’s what some Ventnor commissioners think. The idea was introduced at the recent Ventnor Commissioners meeting.

Those opposed to buying the lot, see this as a private property bail-out, with little value to the public.

The parcel of land, next to Shalom Pita, once featured a building that was destroyed in a fire this past July 6th. It was quickly torn down after the fire.

According to Ms. Lobiondo’s blog; Downbeach, the property is owned by Margate realtor, DJ Gluck. According to Lobiondo, the owner ‘doesn’t have sufficient funds’ to rebuild.

6510-12 Ventnor Ave before fire.

Wanna voice your opinion on this controversial taxpayer expense? Attend the public hearing on THURSDAY, DEC 12, at 5:30 pm. Ventnor City Hall. (or leave your comments below)

Ventnor Commissioner, Lance Landgraf, keeping quiet about how much he’s willing to pay for the property.

This property was assessed for $390,800.00. The land was assessed at $249,600.00 and the improvements to the property were assessed at $141,200.00.

6512 Ventnor Ave costs 139 DORSET AVE, LLC $10,293.67 annually in taxes.


15 thoughts on “Should Ventnor Use Public Funds to Bail-out Private Property?”

  1. It’s not like there’s a rotting building on site. Let the guy sell it to someone who will build a taxable commodity or hold it until he can. Why spend city funds for a postage stamp sized park in the middle of a business district

  2. I agree green space is good, however the space is really not situated for a park. It is between two buildings and somewhat narrow and on Ventnor Avenue. Not sure how it would benefit the community. I’d rather see the City buy the lot and try to make a profit off of it and return it to the taxpayers in the form of lower taxes or other enhancements to our community.

  3. Fantastic idea, green space for kids and dogs to run around a busy commercial area and street. Politicians, what can I state, but utter incompetence.

  4. If the owner can’t afford to rebuild, then he should just maintain and pay taxes until someone makes him an offer.
    I’m sure the property is big enough to put a 40 X 8 sea container conversion building and have a hot dog stand or water ice stand.
    I can’t see giving up the taxable property for a park that the town pays for. There is already a problem with vagrants hanging out on Ventnor Ave.

  5. Vicki from Ventnor

    This pocket park is nothing but a scam. Taxpayers will get hurt as property owners don’t have to pay taxes. Ventnor beware. There’s other pocket parks being discussed too. Scam.

  6. Margaret Deibert Tifer:

    Taxpayers will pay for every aspect of a park. When the city sells, you won’t see a dime. Took forever to repair the children’s playgrounds. Who will maintain another area?

  7. Ventnor is a beach community.
    There is the most beautiful natural park you could ever wish for 2 blocks away called “the beach”
    The fresh air from the ocean and relaxing on the boardwalk should be enough of a “park” for all to enjoy

  8. I do not think this is a good location for a pocket park. Keep the commercial district commercial. Let the owner sell it at market rate if he “cannot afford” — or does not want — to rebuild there. Would rather see money allocated to maintaining the parks we already have in residential areas of the city.

  9. This stupidity from Commissioner Landgraf is yet another reason why Ventnor needs an independent taxpayers association. The fake ‘community advisory board’ that Landgraf and Holtzman put together has been a miserable failure.

  10. My aunt lived in one of the owner’s apartments and he ignored all requests for repairs as is probably his rule. I don’t see why his loss of the building should be rewarded by taking this liability off his hands at our expense. It could be motivation for other nefarious property owners.

  11. The property should be considered as part of an assemblage of properties and a redevelopment plan should be encouraged with new residential units with retail below. The city needs to focus on streetscape improvements and new signage criteria for commercial and retail spaces. This lot would be great for outdoor dining for an adjacent restaurant.

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