Since 1951, ARROW Hardware in Ventnor Going Strong for Summer 2018

You know what they say: Bad news travels fast and good news is like a snail. Well, here’s some good news to squash some inaccurate bad news: Arrow Hardware in Ventnor is still 100% open….for the Summer of 2018…..and maybe…..beyond.

For the past week, Arrow Hardware has been responding to panicked patrons, who thought their favorite hardware store would be closing soon. Not true, says co-owner Ivy Shore Rosenberg.

So, how did this silly rumor of ARROW Hardware closing get started? A pre-mature news report about a Ventnor liquor consumption licence being applied for. A Philly pizza business (Santucci’s) is considering buying that particular building at 6415 Ventnor Ave. Serving beer, wine & spirits seems to be an important part of that potential deal. Looks like the reporter pushed out the story, wayyyyyyyy too early.

The building has been up for sale for about a year. Note: the True Value business is not for sale, just the building.

Santucci’s is the popular square pizza restaurateur from Philly. With off-street parking, plentiful square footage and a great location, the ARROW Hardware property could be perfect for a business in need of an outdoor deck for dining & drinking.

Ivy Shore Rosenberg, a former teacher, was making keys at the store since the age of 7. Her mom, Harriet, got into the business when she married her husband, Alvin Shore, who passed in 1996.

Alvin Shore, originally of Philadelphia, was 21 years old when his father brought him to Ventnor.

So, yes. Arrow True Value Hardware is very much open for business. They’re ready for an awesome summer. Completely stocked with everything you need.

Propane tanks, beach chairs, umbrellas, barbecue accessories, charcoal barbecues, keys, and of course…..hardware. You can never have enough WD-40 around.

Yup. The building that houses Arrow Hardware is located in an up-n-coming Ventnor business district.

Even in a world of big box stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s, this legendary Ventnor hardware store keeps on ticking with the personal touch.

  • Arrow True Value Hardware
  • 6415-17 Ventnor Ave.
  • Call:  609-822-3191


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