Slow Down, Turtle Nesting Season Underway

Thank you Downbeach Express for allowing more signage raising terrapin awareness.

Make sure to slow down during the nesting season and especially on days listed as “HIGH” for crossings.

The Downbeach Express Maintenance yard put up signs provided by Margate Terrapin Rescue.

Susanne Lockhart: I wish the speed limit could be lowered along the causeway this time of year. Just a few days ago, I had pulled over to assist a turtle trying to cross, was running back to grab it and someone hit the little creature before I could get to him/her. If the speed limit was lower, motorists would potentially have more reaction time.

Margate Terrapin Rescue Project: I agree but unfortunately, people will speed regardless of what is listed as is seen already. Some people have even intentionally hit them.

This is turtle nesting season. Please brake for terrapins on all salt marsh roadways.

If you are able to safely, move them in the direction they were heading, NOT where they came from!

Our volunteers are out patrolling the Margate Causeway helping our friendly terrapin friends across the road.

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