South Jersey Fishing Report. Wind Turbines, Flounder.

Margate and Atlantic City fishing. Fluke
Margate Fluke

Listen to audio clips from Shep on Fishing. South Jersey Fishing Report. WOND Radio. Jan. 5, 2019.

Topics include the pros and cons of offshore wind turbines, Flounder regulations for Summer 2019.

Show notes:

Special guest: Eleanor Bohanek, PHD Rutgers. New Jersey Marine Fisheries Council

Bucktail Willie: Dredgers, trawlers, commercial fishermen gonna get hurt by wind turbine fields.

Offshore wind turbines can hurt miles of productive, South Jersey fishing waters.

  • Sea Bass can turn sex. Female can become a male when certain conditions are met.
  • Most recreational fish caught are female. Summer flounder: 18 inches and above.
  • A ‘slot’ option……may force a shorter season for fluke (summer flounder)
  • Catch & keep smaller fish too. Throwbacks risk death. (mortality rate)
  • March 2019: Regulations set for Sea Bass? Summer Flounder?

President Donald Trump has signed the Modern Fish Act.

Public awareness of recreational fishing issues in South Jersey is limited at best.

South Jersey has historically been a superior place to fish. Sadly, dredging, coastal over-development and poor management of fisheries has really hurt the recreational fishing industry.

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