Spotlight on Smiling Dragon Kung Fu in Ventnor

Ventnor Martial Arts Smiling Dragon
David Shaman of Smiling Dragon Kung Fu

Sifu Shaman is a genuine modern day master, and an authenticated 3rd generation lineage holder in the tradition of Great Grandmaster Ip Man.

Chi Sao is a very advanced and sophisticated form of training that they teach at the Smiling Dragon Academy on Dorset Ave in Ventnor. That special training is only offered after a student has proven their sincerity, and devotion to the art. Smiling Dragon takes this stuff seriously.

Smiling Dragon Kung Fu, a popular landmark for Downbeach martial arts.

A POSITIVE, safe, injury-free training environment, Smiling Dragon Kung Fu has earned the reputation in Ventnor City as well as Margate, Atlantic City, Longport, Northfield, of being the top Kung Fu school and character development center in the area.

Downbeach Margate Ventnor Martial Arts for Kids
Martial Arts for Kids

Martial arts is much more than the physical act of defense and fighting. It’s also an excellent, self-improvement system. With proper self-defense skills, you can follow a path of discipline, focus, and perseverance. While you’ll experience the satisfaction from winning over others, you’ll actually be winning over yourself. You become stronger, healthier, and happier, too.

Much More than “Kicking & Punching”

Physical kicking and punching are really just the tools that teach the more valuable lessons about yourself.

Martial Arts for Adults in Ventnor, Margate and Downbeach
Martial Arts for Adults

Their unique martial arts program for adults is a great way to lose weight and get in shape. Self-defense might even save your life one day.

Students, ages 18 to 80, report benefits of improved concentration, self-discipline, and self-confidence.

The martial arts program for kids can develop your child’s focus, self-esteem, self-confidence, and overall sense of purpose.

Smiling Dragon Kung Fu,
Call (609) 457-3045

307 N Dorset Ave
Ventnor City, NJ

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