St. James Convent & School in Ventnor Being Demolished

St. James School in Ventnor opened back in 1931. It was closed in 2008, allowing for a merger with Blessed Sacrament School in Margate.

Today, the St. James Convent and Catholic School at the corner of Portland & Atlantic Ave. in Ventnor, is slowly being demolished. Only the Church will remain. Six new homes will eventually takes it’s place.

Holy Trinity Parish is a collection of St. James in Ventnor, Blessed Sacrament in Margate and the Church of the Epiphany in Longport.

The changing economy, rising tuition costs and families leaving the island lead to the changes. Prime properties like these along the shore, are quickly turning into 2nd home destinations. The land is valued at approximately $1.16 million.

The stained glass windows were saved. They’re being sent to the Sisters of the Dominican Order in Sinsinawa, Wisconsin.

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