St Leonard’s Tract in Ventnor Celebrates 100 Years

St Leonard's Tract in Ventnor Celebrates 100 Years 1 St Leonard's Tract in Ventnor Celebrates 100 Years

Historic St. Leonard’s Tract in Ventnor will celebrate 100 years on July 30 at St. James Memorial Hall.

St. Leonard’s Tract in Ventnor; between the beach and bay from Surrey to Cambridge Ave.

Many of the homes are historic with interesting stories of their past inhabitants. Typically the homes are quite large, even mansions with glorious gardens surrounding them.

It has a small town feel with an unrivaled camaraderie and a progressive neighborhood association, called St. Leonard’s Association.

St. Leonards Tract

Historic St. Leonard’s Tract in Ventnor

Houses in St. Leonard’s Tract were built prior to the establishment of zoning regulations and the residents created uniform deed restrictions to assure the unique character of the neighborhood would be preserved.

St. Leonard’s Association was established in 1921 to enforce these deed restrictions, preserve our historic neighborhood and for the betterment of the community. In addition, the Association also promotes friendship and goodwill among the residents and celebrates this unique and beautiful neighborhood by the sea.

St Leonards Tract Ventnor Downbeach

The Association:

1. Reviews Requests for Variances for properties within the St. Leonard’s Tract that are filed with Ventnor City. It supports requests that are consistent with our deed restrictions and if the request is inconsistent with our deed restrictions, we work with both the requesting party and the City to arrive at a common sense solution.
2. Organizes charitable projects for local organizations.
3. Recognizes the improvements in renovations and landscaping of property within the St. Leonard’s Tract by singling out outstanding efforts with annual Pride Awards.
4. Organizes social activities, like our annual holiday dinner, annual summer party and other events which allows our members to get to know one another, celebrate our diversity and develop a tight knit community.
5. Strives to build a great community.


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