Student Abuse Lawsuit Update, Atlantic City High School Chaos

Marty Small. LaQuetta Small Atlantic City Schools
Ventnor Supports Marty & LaQuetta Small

This is not going away. Team Small still feeling the heat from angry moms. A student sex abuse cover-up inside the Atlantic City School District? Daily assaults and student violence.

Bloody, un-reported hate crimes inside Atlantic City High School? See video:

CAUTION. CAUTION. CAUTION. Video is tough to watch.

Brutal beating of Asian student

Marty Small is the Mayor of Atlantic City. His wife LaQuetta, is the Superintendent of AC Public Schools. Both are still under investigation for their lack of action in regards to student sex abuse within the AC School District.

See Atlantic City Student Sex Abuse.

Ventnor sends 191 kids to AC High School at a taxpayer expense of $4 million per year. Less than 25% of ACHS grads are proficient in Math or English.

Listen to latest student sex abuse update from former Atlantic City Councilman, Craig Callaway.

From Harry Hurley WPG Radio. June 30, 2022 >

Atlantic City School Student Sex Abuse Marty Small
How Did Small Become AC School Boss?

When it comes to school safety, parents may not be fully aware of issues affecting their child’s well being.

In most towns along the Jersey shore, school board meetings are rarely web-casted or archived online for later viewing.

Ventnor and Margate don’t live-stream their school board meetings. In addition, both towns don’t archive video on YouTube from those public meetings.

Listen to Anne Baker on WOND 1400am radio. Anne talks about school district transparency. Why does Ventnor Mayor Beth Holtzman support LaQuetta Small?


Residents asking why school board presidents don’t attend municipal department head meetings.

Ventnor Mayor Endorses LaQuetta Small

Ventnor parents wonder why Atlantic City School Board rep, Michael Cupeles, doesn’t attend Dept Head meetings.


12 thoughts on “Student Abuse Lawsuit Update, Atlantic City High School Chaos”

  1. Mayor Holtzman doesn’t care about the children’s safety. If she did she would act as a voice and advocate for the children of ventnor and take action to not send the children she represents to the ZOO known as Atlantic city high.

    Stop the funding of the child molesters and you will get their attention. The parents of those children in the videos must be proud

  2. Ventnor school board pretends this doesn’t exist. I am afraid for my young daughter who attends Atlantic City High School. Mayor Holtzman won’t take my calls.

      1. Not so sure making it the parent’s obligation to come up with an alternative game plan for their children versus correcting the issues in the school is fair.

        The videos recently posted were extremely freighting to anyone with children in AC High School.

        Hey, until the issues can be corrected in the school, I have one possible option that maybe Ventnor can consider.

        Since the Ventnor tax payers are paying somewhere between $20 to $22,000 per year for every student in AC High School then why not offer the parents $10,000.00 per student that they can use towards some type of alternative education?

        The family will be happy and Ventnor tax payers save $10,000 per child for 4 years. Now do doubt just a suggestion here but why not explore it.

        1. Never said it was the parents obligation, but its a far simpler, quicker solution than the much larger change it would require to make a making shift in how Ventnor currently handles the matter as you suggest. If it was my child, they would be pulled out yesterday. While your proposed solution is a good one, it won’t happen easily or in time for this upcoming school year. My solution would.

    1. A student can go to another school using the program called “Interdistrict Public School Choice Program”. Here is the link:'s%20Interdistrict%20Public%20School,without%20cost%20to%20their%20parents.

      Read the article. Contact principal of Mainland High, Ocean City High or even Charter Tech High School (in Somers Point – all charter schools are free – they are treated like a public school).

      Let them know you would like to have your daughter attend their school. I know it can be done because it was done when.

      The schools have a cut off date, but many times they will still accept a “new ” student beyond the date.

      Here is a direct quote from their website: The application deadline for 2022-23 enrollment was December 1, 2021. Some choice districts accept late applications, so parents need to contact the district directly to find out if it accepts late applications.

      They may not provide transportation so be prepared to have to arrange your own transportation – but it’s usually worth it.

      Speak up for your self and your daughter – you can get this done! Ms. Nancy

  3. When ACHS or any public educational institution permits or does not stop the actions of bad students to continually disrupt the quality of education and life of the rest of the students, they have become enablers. NJ State & local governments must fix the problem now, before it exacerbates further. NJ needs to enact a regulatory incentive tuition formula in amounts commensurate enough to encourage the NJ receiving school to accept the NJ resident as a student.

    1. There is no way whatsoever what you’re suggesting would be enacted in time for 2022-23 school year. Not saying it’s not a viable solution, it’s just completely implausible to happen quickly.

      1. Well I hear you Larry that it may not be done for the 2022-2023 school year so how about moving forward. After 2022-2023 is 2023-2024. Are we going to say the same thing again next year? This problem has existed in the Atlantic City High School for a very long time. What do we need to do? Wait until one of our children gets killed? Ventnor tax payers have been paying $20,000 to $22,000 per year for each child that we place in that school. Sorry that is pathetic for what we are getting. I have no knowledge on who made this crazy deal and that why we are stuck there but I think we need to look at other options. Even if it is to get as many students out of that school as we can. The $10,000 incentive may just be the trick. But of course that is a Richard Gober suggestion and that in itself will probably kill that idea.
        Check out the A/C High School rating numbers across the state. Very close to the bottom my friend in almost all fields even including the number of graduating seniors.
        Hey instead of throwing stones at each like our Republican and Democratic Senators and Congressman do, why not try and sit down and work together? What a novel idea!!!

        1. Not throwing stones at all, Richard. Simply pointing out the reality for right now. If people want a solution for THIS school year, take matters into their own hands with alternative schooling options. What you’re correctly proposing is quite viable and reasonable but will take far longer especially with politics, budgets and the legal system. .

  4. This is disgusting , i cannot believe these people get away with this! So much corruption! Who votes these people in? I cannot believe a child has to go through this to get an education. The state needs to take over, its obvious these people are corrupt.

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