Student Sex Abuse Scandal? Will Ventnor Vote For Small as Atlantic City School Boss?

Did Atlantic City School Principal, LaQuetta Small, do enough to stop her PREDATOR cousin from roaming the school district of AC?

Even after he was caught, Small said NOTHING when her pedophile cousin, Kayan Frazier, was hired a few months later by NJ Child Protective services. You can’t make this stuff up.

Ventnor parents need to be aware of this. Especially those who send their kids to Atlantic City High School.

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The Atlantic City School District does a poor job in teaching kids. It’s also incredibly corrupt. Dangerous too.

Less than 25% of AC school kids can pass a basic math or grammar test.

Please encourage Ventnor Mayor Beth Holtzman to STOP Mr. Cupeles from supporting LaQuetta Small.

Atlantic City School District Beth Holtzman Hurley
Atlantic City School District

Former Ventnor rep on the AC Board of Education, Kim Bassford, DID NOT support independent investigation into sex abuse of AC school student.

LaQuetta Small is the wife of AC Mayor, Marty ‘The Party’ Small.

Holtzman selected Cupeles to represent Ventnor on AC school board. Cupeles was picked for SEARCH COMMITEE for finding next AC School Superintendent.

FACT: Cupeles voted YES to give outgoing school boss, Barry Caldwell, a 12% raise. That’s known as ‘padding’ a pension.

Harry Hurley WPG 1450
Hurley & mainstream media ignore dangerous, Atlantic City schools.

Both AC School Superintendent Barry Caldwell and Principal LaQuetta Small are defendants in a student sex abuse scandal involving a relative of the Small’s.

Ventnor Taxpayers on the hook for $4 million to send 191 kids to AC High.

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CLICK HERE to learn more about Atlantic City Student Sex Abuse Scandal.

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