Taming Ventnor Short-Term Rental Chaos

Watch video. Ventnor Commissioners met on Thursday, July 14. Up for discussion: the good and bad of short-term rentals and construction code enforcement.

Margate rental rules requires a minimum stay of one week. Ventnor has no minimum requirements for short term rentals.

Will Ventnor increase the number of nights required for short-term rental agreements? Currently, Ventnor has no requirements for length of stay.

Surprisingly, many Ventnor rentals are only for one-night only. This may contribute to unruly, party house incidents.

DID YOU KNOW? Home contractors don’t have on-site supervisors to ensure job sites are kept clean and work is done within the hours set for construction.

Ventnor Considers Stricter Short-Term Rental Rules.

The Ventnor Building Department recently completed 550 rental inspections, featuring 235 registered short-term rentals. It’s more likely that Ventnor may have 300 short term rentals.

Currently, there are approx 65 unlicensed short-term rental properties in Ventnor.

The Zoning Dept thinks Ventnor should have minimum of 2-3 night stays. Maybe longer.

Ventnor Struggles to Find Qualified Police Officer Applicants.

According to Ventnor Police Chief Joe Fussner, the Police department has 34 full-time officers, with few in the applicant pool.

Police applicants are historically low, not just for Ventnor, but everywhere in the state of NJ. Some point fingers at NJ Gov Murphy’s social justice efforts that protect criminals with no-cash bail and limited prosecution. Murphy is often accused of being anti-law enforcement.

VCPD very busy with administrative paperwork. Conceal carry of firearms, and issuing gun permits.

VCPD reports increase of shoplifting arrests.

NOTE: Ventnor School Board reps still not participating in Commission Dept Head meetings.

2 thoughts on “Taming Ventnor Short-Term Rental Chaos”

  1. While I realize there are some bad police, the majority are good people who go out of their way to protect and serve. Unfortunately, they rarely get any publicity or credit.

    It’s the bad squeaky wheels that get all the grease! With so much negative sentiment and lack of support from the Gov, is it any wonder, there aren’t many applications?

    You couldn’t pay me to be an officer in this environment. God Bless and keep safe the good ones!

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