Tempers Flare at Margate Commissioners Meeting

Tempers flared at the recent Margate Commissioners meeting of May 2.

Many still smarting from Becker, Amodeo & Blumberg’s last-minute pullout from ‘Meet The Candidates’ forum planned for Saturday, May 4.

LISTEN to Margate Commissioner Meeting Audio Clips from May 2, 2019 >>

Others still fuming from revelation that porta-potties are part of Amherst Ave water park blue prints.

Did Commissioner John Amodeo call candidate Calvin Tesler a carpetbagger? That’s what resident Bill Phillips says.

Mr. Phillips not happy that Amodeo is storing lifeguard stands in his residential back yard.

Margate Amodeo
Improper Storage of Lifeguard Stands?

Margate Commissioner Maury Blumberg snickering during public comments on speeding & traffic safety concerns.

Resident mensch, John Sewell, thinks leadership is shrugging off strong likelihood that Margate school district will be combined with neighboring towns.

Watch NJ Senate President Steve Sweeney discuss public school, health care and pension reform.

Two half empty Margate schools considered target for NJ State looking to fill empty seats.

Brigantine will combine their 2 schools in Fall 2019. Brigantine has approx. 500 students. Margate has less than 350.

Cost per pupil:

  • Brigantine $27,000
  • Atlantic City $28,000
  • Margate $32,000
  • ACIT $18,000

Public lot on Washington Ave changing rules. Neighbors not happy the City didn’t inform them of change.

Over-development. Waiving of minimum parking requirements. Changing parking rules without informing neighbors

Meetings too early for working public to attend. Move underway to change Commissioner meeting time from 4 to 6pm.

Note: Longport and Ventnor still don’t properly record and posting clear audio from municipal meetings. Downbeach residents want Commissioner, School and Planning Board meetings to be professionally recorded and posted in a timely manner.


  • Tighe School, 7804 Amherst Ave.
  • Ross School, 101 N. Haverford Ave.
  • Margate Municipal Building, 9001 Winchester Ave.

Deadline to apply for a mail-in ballot by mail is Tuesday, May 7. Deadline to apply for a mail-in ballot in person is May 13. Obtain ballots from Atlantic County Clerk’s Office, 5901 Main St., Mays Landing.

15 thoughts on “Tempers Flare at Margate Commissioners Meeting”

  1. Bill Phillips

    I attended the Margate Council Meeting to express several of my concerns. I stood up to talk about the continued speeding and stop sign abuse in Margate. In the middle of my speech, Maury Blumberg (Commissioner of Revenue & Finance) began to snicker. I asked him what’s so funny? I proceeded to state that I had pictures of Margate police cars sitting on the corner of Huntingdon and Amherst, watching cars run thru the stop signs. Once again, Blumberg snickered. I asked him for the second time what’s so funny about that? And the fact that Chief Wolfson has never taken responsibility for this traffic abuse. (Going on for at least 9 years now.)

    Walking back to my seat, Blumberg then makes a statement commending the Margate Police for doing a good job! In what universe does someone make a comment like that, knowing the evidence I have and that it’s absolutely not true?

    I also believe Wolfson and the council members knew about the massive Opioid prescription abuse and they all turned a blind eye to it.

    With the upcoming election coming soon, Margate residents need to ask themselves a question: Do we really want these commissioners to continue to represent Margate?

    The Commissioners have put signs up on lawns that read: “Preserving the future of Margate”; what they should say is: “Destroying the future of Margate”.

    1. Richard Keppe

      How does Blumberg know what evidence you have? Have you given it to him or shown it to him?
      Have you shown it to anybody? You keep making allegations that you’ve never backed up with “evidence”, although you say you have it.

      1. Which Commissioner put you up to this comment?
        Why don’t you sit on any corner or stand on Amherst or Huntington and watch for yourself. Speeding and stop sign abuse on a regular basis.
        You must be one of those people who run stop signs! Why else would you comment that way?
        Both Becker and Amedeo know the truth. Blumberg just chooses to ignore it.

        1. Richard Keppe

          Bill, sorry to dispel your fantasy, but no Commissioner put me up to this.
          I’m the person who carefully examines all facts and statements and merely pointed
          out an extreme weakness in yours. I would be the first one to blast the Commissioners and Police Department if it was warranted. From your reply, I guess the entire population of Margate runs the stop sign…..you seem to be obsessed…….
          By the way, how do Becker and Amodeo (correct spelling) know the truth? Did you show them your supposed evidence? It appears not.

    2. Margate police do a sloppy job from my perspective.

      Years ago, my sister was run over while crossing , noting a red light for traffic, AT THE CROSSWALK AS VERIFIEDBY LIBRARY PHOTO CAMS, and a great neighbor phoned me at my sister’s request as she was being treated and eventually transported to Atlantic Medical for assessment and treatment. The cops missed big time- it took my lawyer to determine that the driver- interviewed by Margate elites (6 by my count there) had in fact been driving a STOLEN CAR. Thus the driver was not only a thief but a driver that should not have been allowed on the road. No action by police- in fact when I asked when the police report would be ready I was chastised by the motorcycle officer that I should not really bring this up as the person that nearly killed my sister was SOOOO upset and crying. The only thing she was crying about was which one of the six police officers might cotton on to the fact that she was a car thief. Poor policing in my opinion. Added to this is the governance of the police on patrol at night- I have nearly been run down myself while walking dogs and crossing Atlantic Ave while on Mnasfield. One dispatcher, when I reported this asked me to come in and make a complaint. In the department they know who their joyrider is- why should I have to supply the information to limit their activities?

  2. Rocco Camano

    Speeding and traffic violations are at dangerous levels all throughout Margate, only when someone dies will city officials and our police take actions, maybe.

  3. Richard Keppe

    Anyone who believes that Chief Wolfson and the members of the Margate City Police Department don’t do their jobs must be delusional. Margate has the finest Police Department that any citizen could ask for,
    bar none.

  4. As a recent new resident of Margate, I am enormously concerned about who is “Driving the Bus” when it comes to land use and aesthetics. During a recent trip from my home to Ocean City, a tremendous eyesore came into sight. Located on Amherst across from the Steve and Cookies Restaurant, a three story structure appeared. This three story office is not only horrendous to look at but spoils the view of one of the prettiest, natural areas in our sweet little town. I can only wonder, “Who allowed this ridiculous building and what were they thinking?” It is obvious the residents have been let down when this building was given approval. Anyone with good taste, would want it removed immediately. We have a shared responsibility to preserve our natural areas and water views for all to enjoy for years to come.

  5. Not a 3 story office it is 1 story.
    Permitting is controlled by N.J. D,E.P.
    View is owned by the tax paying owner of the land who is investing millions to bring back sorely needed amenities to the Margate COMMERCIAL DISTRICT!

    1. Clark Hindelang

      I lived on Harbor Lane for 12 years and a police car came down our street all the time. I moved to Belmont Drive 2 years ago and have yet to see a police car and the “speeders” go around the curvy streets constantly. Maybe being at the end of Margate is too far for our police force to drive. Are we saving gas?

  6. For those of you who wondered about the comment made By John Amedeo just read below:

    I sent a text to Commissioner of Safety, John Amodeo, last week. I asked him how Margate determines priorities for street repairs, as Amherst Avenue, north of Jerome, has been in dire need of repair ever since the gas company replaced our gas lines, over two years ago. Our house literally shakes badly, every day, from cars and trucks going over the bumps. I have written to Amodeo several times about this. However, I recently noticed that Margate was resurfacing the parking area on the back end of the Margate ball field! An area that is rarely used, and yet they haven’t gotten around to repaving a main street – Amherst Avenue?? Also, Margate did repair a similarly damaged portion of Amherst Avenue, that happens to be right in front of Amodeo’s house, and it was done shortly after the new gas lines were installed, about two years ago!

    This is Commissioner Amodeo’s text response to me, verbatim:

    “Please come to a meeting on RECORD I am one of three and understand that people are happy in MARGATE and if a carpetbagger wins there is still two votes to satisfy the taxpayers of MARGATE the lowest Tax RATE OF ANY FULL SERVICE TOWN IN THE STATE OF NEW JERSEY! And since you have soooo much to say why didn’t you RUN with the candidate that is challenging US THE THREE AMIGO’S”

    Notice how Amodeo did NOT answer my question and refers to his opponent in the upcoming election, Calvin Tesler.

  7. Where was John Amodeo when the construction started on the 3 Intersections and residence had questions about what was going on?
    Where was John Amodeo during the construction when residence still had questions about what was happening with the 3 Intersections?
    Where was John Amodeo when the signs started going up and the confusion started?
    Where was John Amodeo when the police needed to be told to monitor the 3 intersections due to the confusion?
    Where is John Amodeo when there is still a need for the police to be directed to continue to monitor the 3 intersections when there is still some confusion?
    He was in Florida where he spend half of the year.
    I lived in Margate City for over 30 years and haven’t seen any Commissioner as Rude, Arrogant, and Loud, and John Amodeo. I general “BAD”
    Margate doesn’t need a pert time Commissioner like John Amodeo.

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