The Bumpy Reinvention of Amherst Ave in Margate.

Reinvention of Margate’s Bayfront

At one time known as the Barbary Coast, Amherst Ave in Margate is undergoing yet another transformation.

Litigation is holding up other projects along Amherst Ave. Loss of parking and water views not palatable to those who live close by.

A long rumored, floating water park project looks to be delayed, at least for another year. Eventual back bay dredging would certainly help that business, along with other water-based business along the bay.

Lambertis now rebuilding it’s Margate bayfront eatery, along with a new bulkhead.

Amherst Ave. Back in the day, it was thee place for late night partying. A wide collection of bars and clubs. Many open well into the late night.

Margate’s legendary BARBARY COAST – Jerry Blavat’s Memories (formerly the Elbo Room), The Beacon Inn, Merrel’s, Gilhooley’s, Maynards, Kelly’s Corner Bar, Gables, Omar’s, Polo Bay / Touche, to name few.

Over time, residential townhouses replaced the party places. Maynards is one of the few still thriving.

Amherst Ave once featured a more robust fishing and boating destination. Today, only Ray Scott’s Dock and ‘The Keeper’ party boat remain.

Classy bars and restaurants like Tomatoes and Sophia now anchor this waterfront business district.

6 thoughts on “The Bumpy Reinvention of Amherst Ave in Margate.”

  1. Amhurst should be a non driving street with cafe’s and little shops all along the water like they have in italy or california. We have the people and the money lets not let all the other beaches take over our beautiful Margate. Since you are redoing the bulk heads this is the best time for a beautiful new Bay look.

    1. That’s a great idea.Its not like traffic isn’t bad enough in the summer.And screw the people who live there or have boats.This is a fabulous idea.Then we’ll just have the vacant shops all winter.Smashing proposal let’s get right on it.People are already crying about a water park now you want to make it a cutie shopping attraction.Lets have candle shops and maybe a zany hat hut.Skies the limit.

  2. Kelly’s and Gables was my favorites in Margate. cheap beer 5 for a $1 . 2 bottles of Bud for $1 3 pool tables. bumper pool and an air hockey table.

  3. The Beacon was 10 drafts for a $1.00 Live bands every night at the Old Tavern, Gabels,Merrils.
    The people whining about noise,views etc have no Freakin idea. They purchased homes in a commercial district much cheaper than in a residential area. Then they want views they didnt pay for and businesses to be quite.

  4. I drank many a 10 beers at the Beacon. Was a while ago, but do remember the looks on the bartenders faces ! How da hell’s he do that ? I had a secret ! Wishing all of you the best with the Marina make over !!!!
    Sincerely, Bill Pluta

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