Threatened Litigation from Neighbors Likely to Limit Margate Bayfront Over-Development

Looks like the old & dilapidated, Captain Andy’s marina site on Amherst Ave. will soon be demolished. In it’s place, a shiny new, towering structure that some fear would start a rash of over-development along the Margate waterfront.

Yes, you can fight Margate City Hall. Just speak softly and carry a big stick. AKA: powerful attorneys.

After threats of lawsuits by Amherst neighbors, Commissioners sounded like they’re going to back off from their previous ordinance amendment: allowing businesses, restaurants and residential properties to be developed along the entire WSD (Waterfront Special District) without the need for those pesky use variances. If passed, only three targeted properties along the bay-front will be developed…..for now.

City Solicitor John Scott Abbott smartly met with attorneys representing Harbor View homeowners.

These are neighbors that live directly across from the proposed project. To avoid threatened litigation, commissioners are likely to revise the ordinance again. This time, limiting the amount of development along the Margate bay-front. An ordinance would be introduced at an upcoming commissioners meeting.

Property owners Sean & Jamie Gormley report that the Margate bay-front project will feature:

  • 4,000 sq-ft insurance office on 2nd floor
  • 149-seat restaurant
  • Bait shop
  • New marina
  • 22 boat slips for personal watercraft
  • 12 slips for larger boats
  • Fueling station.

The new structure, much of it over water, will tower above neighboring properties. Portions of it will ‘cantilever’ over 10 Amherst Ave. parking spots.

margate amherst ave

The Amherst Ave. project meets the requirements of Margate City’s Master Plan.

Some Board-members think developers are trying to do too much at the site. Some think the restaurant will fail without adequate parking.

NOTE: Demolition of the building will start before the June 15 cut-off date. Demolition is prohibited during the Summer season. Permits from the DEP and Army Corps of Engineers are still needed.


1 thought on “Threatened Litigation from Neighbors Likely to Limit Margate Bayfront Over-Development”

  1. Jay Weintraub:
    Recently two projects were approved by our Planning board. The Amherst Ave plans to build a few tall buildings , promenade and marina project. The president of the Business association, who lives across the street from the project spoke against the project.

    The same man spoke for the mini golf project. Both are part of the Margate administrations plans to send Margate back in time to a long gone era.

    Why do you think he liked one project and not the other? Do you favor or not favor the direction of our Margate community?

    Jay Weintraub

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