Tipsy Taco in Margate. Alleged Harassment of 33 yr Old Waitress

tipsy taco margate
Philadelphia Magazine

PhillyMag > Woman Claims Jersey Shore Bar (Tipsy Taco in Margate) Was a Sexual Harassment Hellhole. Ericka Puglisi’s lawsuit alleges forced body shots, offers of cash for sex, and all sorts of groping, grabbing, and unwanted touching.

Ericka Puglisi is a 33-year-old woman from the Atlantic City area who, hoping to supplement her income as a per diem nurse, walked into a popular Jersey Shore bar earlier this year in search of a waitressing job. But according to a lawsuit she’s filed, that job quickly turned into a nightmare.

Puglisi says she was hired in February to work at Tipsy Taco & Tequila Bar on Ventnor Avenue in Margate.

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