Union Urging Ventnor to ‘Opt-In’ on Cannabis Retail Sales

Lot’s of Cannabis related jobs. That’s what Ventnor Commissioners should consider said a national labor union rep on May 27.

LOCAL 152 is the official labor union that represents cannabis workers, in both the medical and adult-use categories.

Union asking Ventnor to OPT-IN on retail sale of cannabis.

Ventnor has made it clear: they’re not gonna OPT-IN until they know what the official NJ rules are. We can always opt-in later says Ventnor Commissioner Landgraf.

Seed to sales operations. Lots of cannabis jobs. The growing need for chemists, pharmacists, botanists, and horticulturalists.

Ventnor will take a look at how Bayonne, NJ is managing retail sale of recreational cannabis.

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2 thoughts on “Union Urging Ventnor to ‘Opt-In’ on Cannabis Retail Sales”

  1. “It takes courage to lead and faith to follow”
    There is enough mind altering choices to
    further destroy our youth ….!!!
    Steer straight our ship ….!!!!
    enjoy …!!!

  2. “Destroy our youth”. Laughable. Use more exclamation points, you’ll only make yourself look more ridiculous and exaggeratedly silly.

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