Updated Short-Term Rental ordinance for Ventnor.

Due in part to AirBnB and other short-term rental websites, some Ventnor neighborhoods have become ‘motel zones’. That’s the general feeling of homeowners that prefer quiet, safe, residential neighborhoods.

That’s why Ventnor residents are pushing for a one week minimum rental stay, just like Margate. ‘Keeps out the riff-raff’.

On May 11, Ventnor Commissioners re-introduced an updated ordinance that places a variety of additional limits on short-term rental stays.

  • 1 night minimum stay for studios and 1 bedroom units
  • 2 nights minimum stay for 2 bedroom units
  • 5 night minimum stay for 3 bedrooms or more.

Annual mercantile fee for Ventnor short term rentals:

  • $500 for a studio or one-bedroom unit
  • $750 for a two-bedroom unit
  • $1,000 for a three-bedroom or more unit.
Short-Term Rentals = Motel Zone?

All units required to be inspected within 30 days of applying for mercantile license.

Occupancy limits shall be prominently displayed at main entrance of rental unit.

If property owner is an absentee landlord, the owner will identify a local contact who will be available 24-7 should problems arise.

Rentals are restricted to those ages 21+ with government issued identification.

Public hearings on ordinances: 5:30p, Thurs, May 25.

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9 thoughts on “Updated Short-Term Rental ordinance for Ventnor.”

  1. Residents need to speak out against having our residential neighborhoods being turned into a Motel6.

    One week should be the very minimum rental term available in our town.

  2. I am in favor of 5 Nights or longer for all air-bnb style rentals. Let’s keep Ventnor a happy, wholesome community where generations of families are blessed to enjoy its quaint, laidback shore-town vibe.

  3. 5 nights is better than 1… but without licensed and supervised units, inspections and escalating fines in place there will still be bad renters and landlords flaunting the rules (as some have said they will on here before).

  4. I am opposed to allowing short -term rentals. period. What good does it do except making money for the landlord.

    Just like years ago giving out certificates of non-conformity allowing apartments that were cut up inside single family homes.

    Just like allowing subdivisions of lots where now we have very dense neighborhoods and no parking.

    What good has come out of any of this?

  5. Any short term rental should have its own off street parking. A minimum of seven nights rental should be the starting point. Short term rentals are a parasite on our community only benefiting the business owner at the expense of the community.

    The minimal fees they are expected to pay don’t begin to cover extra expenses caused by these unwanted businesses the short term renters going to Atlantic City, or bring their own party paraphernalia, adding nothing beneficial to the economy, they cause problems for our residence, and only benefit the landlords which are mainly absentee.

    Rentals in our residential shore community have always been common but generally for the entire summer or at least by the month. Longer term renters tend to be more responsible and are much more likely to patronize local businesses.

    What is to stop someone from purchasing a property on our boardwalk and opening an arcade or any other business. How would any unwanted business be different? The rights and welfare of our residents should come first not have them hassled continuously being asked to repeatedly call the police or code enforcement with little satisfaction.

    The longer we have minimal restrictions the more of theses parasitic businesses will proliferate. As long as we have the least restrictions compared to our surrounding communities the more undesirable renters will descend on ours.

  6. Absecon Islander

    Ventnor and Brigantine allow speculators to convert residential homes into disruptive, mini-motels via AirBnB. This poor city-planning kills annual rental market which in turn scares off local employees who can’t afford to live here.

    A summer-only economy is bad for the full-time local community.

    With limited annual rentals, local biz can’t find workers.

    Even former Ventnor Mayor Beth Holtzman had to step down and move away because she couldn’t afford to live in her own town. Think about that one for a bit.

    Ventnor Planning Board needs to get their sh&t together and stop harmful over-development.

    Seems like Ventnor Mayor Landgraf and Brigantine Mayor Sera protect friends that own large amts of rental properties.

    Over-reliance on summer short-term rentals force most businesses to close in the off-season. Year-round residency is falling fast.

  7. This is not a unique problem to Downbeach, it’s happening in almost every shore town where demand outpaces supply. And while some of this comes from the desire for new owners to rent out their new properties, many of the newer/larger properties helping to sustain those same business (and the tax base…) aren’t rented out regularly if at all.

    You also (conveniently) left out the fact of the former mayor’s personal situation and life changes driving her financial decision… it wasn’t a simple “couldn’t afford it”

  8. The issue is not short term or long term rental. Disruptive residents come in all types. You can have permanent residents that have wild parties and/or are just very loud and disruptive. One size does not fit all… the issue is that Ventnor needs ordinances that punish the irresponsible landlords. That can easily be done by monitoring the police calls, the city would then fine the landlord and revoke the rental license- permanently…

    There are plenty of great renters that want to come to Ventnor for just a few days, families with young kids, that can’t afford hotels but need more than two bedrooms… so we are saying Ventnor is no longer family friendly or are we making it even more “elitst” meaning if you don’t have enough money to rent for a whole month or a whole summer don’t bother spending your summer vacation in Ventnor or coming for that family reunion or family wedding…

    1. You can literally rent for a day or two, with no licenses, restrictions and specific enforcement. And if you have a disparity between neighboring towns, where do you think people will go who are just coming to party for a night or two? The one with the least restrictive environment. It’s common sense.

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