Ventnor and Margate School Boards Under Pressure to Cut Budgets.

Ventnor School District

VENTNOR Board of Education has recommended the district not replace several teachers and a secretary who are retiring at the end of the school year.

The board also recommended eliminating one of the district’s five administrative positions. Board President James Pacanowski: Board recommends budget cuts thru attrition – not replacing retiring staff, and getting rid of an administrator.

The Ventnor School district could save more than $500,000 and avoid a tax rate increase.

The Ventnor City Board of Education will hold a special meeting 3:30 p.m. Monday, March 11, 2019 in the auditorium of the Ventnor Educational Community Complex, 400 N. Lafayette Ave. The purpose of the meeting is to take action to submit the 2019-2020 school budget to the Atlantic County Executive Superintendent of Schools for review and other general business. Opponents of the cuts say: “The proposed recommendations could negatively impact our students and programs.

The Ventnor School district currently has five administrators, including a superintendent, two principals, a supervisor of special education and a curriculum coordinator. Superintendent Eileen Johnson will make that decision.

Will Margate finally work more closely with Ventnor? Why not share superintendent between Margate and Ventnor? Margate does not want to share a superintendent.

Ventnor Commissioners want the school district to cut costs. Otherwise, a tax hike could be needed.

Ventnor Mayor Holtzman wants the budget to fit declining enrollment. Student population has slid precipitously over the past decade. A flat budget is not enough for the Mayor. Looks like cost cuts are what she wants.

In 2019, the Ventnor School district has 670 students. That number was 752 in 2015.

Ventnor resident Peter Kleiner via social media: If enrollment went down from 900+ to 600+, I would think keeping the budget flat, isn’t doing enough. If I lost 33% of my income keeping my spending flat wouldn’t keep me afloat. Glad to see the schoolboard is coming up with good ideas to reduce the budget.

$43 Million of New Margate Tax Ratables Each Year. Time to Sell Tighe School.

Margate and Ventnor Schools, Costs and Consolidation Feedback.

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