Ventnor Beach and Dune Erosion


An extra-high tide along Ventnor’s southern beaches on the morning of March 10th. 8:42 am to be exact.

Waves lapped against the 60 ft wide dune system, south of the Ventnor Fishing Pier.

Ventnor is scheduled for a beach replenishment – Spring 2021.

Ventnor property owners pay close to $500K every three years for dredging and sand pumping, whether needed or not.

Ventnor Beach and Dune Erosion

Ventnor Beach and Dune Erosion
High Tide.

Southern beaches of Ventnor features over 75 ft of un-usable beach. This space came in handy during high tides….prior to the 2017 dune project.

Ventnor Beach and Dune Erosion
Ventnor Sand Pumping and Dredging. Beach and Dune Erosion.
Ventnor Boardwalk with Beach and Dune Erosion

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