Ventnor Boardwalk To Remain Closed Til May 29.

Ventnor Boardwalk Closed
Ventnor Boardwalk Closed til May 29.

Based on the so-called ‘latest data & science’, the NJ Governor is cautiously optimistic. Gov Murphy says it’s time to get our Jersey Shore back to business…safely. Time to fully re-open our beaches and boardwalks as well.

Too bad Ventnor Mayor Beth Holtzman doesn’t feel the same way. Holtzman wants to keep the Ventnor Boardwalk CLOSED until May 29.

A local business killer. Ventnor Mayor and Commissioners doing their best to scare away visitors from enjoying Summer 2020 in Ventnor.

Here’s latest Summer 2020 game plan from Ventnor City Hall:

Ventnor Boardwalk remains closed til Friday, May 29. No walking, sitting or biking.

Ventnor’s current ban on ocean swimming in effect til Saturday, May 23.

Ventnor beaches remain open for walking, running, exercising and leashed dog walking only.

Showers on Ventnor Boardwalk will stay OFF til May 29.

So-called ‘non-essential’ retail businesses will re-open on Monday, May 18.

Many, like us, feel all local business is essential. Most Downbeach small business got screwed for past few months, while others cashed-in, big time.

Watch for increased Police presence on Ventnor beach & boardwalk. Compliance with guidelines will be enforced.

While NJ Governor loosens up beach & boardwalk restrictions, Ventnor is keeping the lock-down. Local business is asking: why are we scaring people away? We have only 15 weeks a year to make money!

• Stay 6 feet away from strangers.
• Face masks recommended.
• Everyone allowed on beach. From anywhere.
• No contact sports or organized events.
• No summer camps, fireworks, festivals and concerts.
• Showers & restrooms are OK to open.

Ventnor Emergency Medical Technicians. On the beach EMTs, trained in up-to-date protocol, will assist Ventnor Beach Patrol if needed.

City of Ventnor requires Beach Badges for the Beach from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Once allowed, bikes will be allowed on the boardwalk 6A to 12P only. Odd, since boardwalk empties out in mid-afternoon.

No bike riding on boardwalk after sun goes down. Bike riders forced off well-lit & safe boardwalk. Must use dark and dangerous, Atlantic Ave. Public Safety Commissioner Tim Kriebel is well aware of this issue.

Tim Kriebel is Ventnor Commissioner of Public Safety

14 thoughts on “Ventnor Boardwalk To Remain Closed Til May 29.”

  1. A cautious opening that discourages excessive density in order to keep citizens safe. That makes sense in a time when our numbers are different than North Jersey’s. This reads like a petulant child on the attack. There is no information here that anyone can’t find anywhere else, and with less uninformed anti-commisioners and mayor bias. Sorry buzz, this gets the buzzer.

  2. Ventnor Taxpayer

    Mayor Holtzman’s boardwalk lock-down is government over-reach by a public employee with zero expertise in common sense. Mayor’s disdain for 2nd homeowners, visitors, and investors is painfully obvious.

    1. Eileen Barker, local realtor

      Thank you Mayor Holtzman and commissioners to cautiously open boardwalk for the summer season. When it is open, masks must be required and a fine imposed for those not complying.

      Living in a beachfront condo in Atlantic City, I see 75% of those on boardwalk make no attempt to comply with social distancing.

  3. Struggling Ventnor Business

    Mayor Beth should stop harassing local business. Restaurants hanging on by a string. Mayor is ok with Farmers Market open that features non-Ventnor business and hundreds gathering in a parking lot.

  4. local biz owner

    Farmers Market open as Ventnor closes boardwalk til May 29? Stupid is as stupid does.

  5. Ventnor Commissioners: Let’s close the street where restaurants are located for the summer!

  6. Beach badges for what? Closed and restricted beaches? Actually no beach at all at midtide on several beaches.

    It’s time for all homeowners to vote in order to get some sanity back. Put an end to cronyism and really bad judgement.

    1. Renters shouldn’t be allowed to come to the shore this summer. With camps not opening, streets and beaches will be over-crowded as it is. They can support the businesses. You don’t need overflow because people have investment properties. Let them take a loss for one year.

      1. I guess you don’t mind going without income for a year while all your taxes, mortgage payments, utilities, oh, and food bills come due every month.
        Let me guess. You have unimpaired income thru this plague?

  7. Thank you Mayor Beth for doing your best to keep us safe! This permanent ventnor resident appreciates your continued support to us residents.

  8. Farmers Market open? Really? Makes no sense at all. Open the boardwalk. Wear facemasks or no entry.

  9. Elected officials are damned if they do and damned if they don’t, there is no way they will ever make everyone happy. As citizens we should hope that they use the best information and qualified advice available when making their decisions.

  10. Mayor Holtzman has no regard for those who make their living from summer visitors to Ventnor. She is selfish, overpaid public employee who could care less about those trying to survive.

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