Ventnor Business Owners Consider Forming Association

Ventnor Business

Does VENTNOR need a business chamber? Many think so. Organize a fact-finding breakfast meeting for Ventnor business owners.

Is there’s enough interest in creating a business association. ‘Bring your goals, priorities and concerns’.

Take temperature of other Ventnor business owners. Do they want to form an organization?

The Ventnor business community tried this a few times over the years, to no avail. A former Ventnor Business Org once showed promise. After a short run, it shut down.

Organizations like this are put together to represent the best interests of the business community.

Business chambers often put on concerts, street festivals and other events to draw visitors to the area.

Should Ventnor borrow a few ideas from Margate?

The Margate Business Association (MHA) charges a yearly membership fee to local business. In addition, Margate taxpayers provide $100,000 in funding to help promote events like Beachstock and Fall Funfest by the Bay. The MHA has a paid administrator.

Ventnor has multiple business districts.

  • North Beach (Movie Theater, AAAA Bikes, WAWA, Sacco Subs, etc)
  • Dorset Avenue (Salon 309, Performance Pickleball, CVS, etc)
  • Central Business District (Santucci’s, Agnes Cafe, Dunkin Donuts, etc)
  • Wellington Ave (Acme, Island Gym, Deja Salon, etc)
  • South Ventnor (Water Dog, Mrs B’s, Dim Sum, etc)

Streetscapes and decorative bike racks provide both visual and functional benefits.

2 thoughts on “Ventnor Business Owners Consider Forming Association”

  1. Sparkling idea! Who better to know what Ventnor needs to promote itself and maintain a healthy business climate.

    If I had a business, I’d be at that meeting because there’s more to it than just business, after all.

  2. Sounds like a good idea for Ventnor which had an increase in various businesses opening up in town.

    I’m not a store owner, just a resident but I see the improvements this town is making. Keep up the good work.

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