Ventnor BUZZ. Beach Mats, Playground Fix, Library Repairs

Ventnor residents want to know the status of beach upgrades and playground repairs.

Social Media Inquiry > Does anyone know where the status of mobi-mat installation stands before summer starts, as well as the repair of the library playground?

Ventnor City fathers say the insurance claim has been filed. The library playground should be repaired soon. It’s been broken for past two summers.

As to the mobi-mats over the dunes and sand, we were told that ACOE, Army Corp of Engineers, are in control of the dunes. They call the shots.

When we pointed out that other towns had mobi mats last summer, the story shifted to the fact that Ventnor City was exploring more permanent slats over the dunes, instead. Hmmm…

Many would prefer cheaper mobi-mats for the 2019 season. Better to shlep a cart full of essential beach materials over hill and dale without a cardiac event. 🙂

Ventnor City Manager Maria Mento responded like this:

MOBI MATS are under consideration for two locations. This appears to be the most logical and least challenging in regards to maintenance concerns.

Ventnor City will meet with potential vendors of similar MOBI MAT products, in order to select what would be best. For example: some get more slippery when wet, than others.

Ventnor PLAYGROUNDS- The city will be issuing an RFP for our four playgrounds.

Csure Playground (near Boardwalk & tennis courts) needs to replace the damaged rubber surface, and fix the drainage issue.

Library playground – Mulch is needed for the playground area and border. Fix the ‘spider web’ netting. Yes, the item that broke was under warranty. The city has the material to make repair. But, per insurance requirements, the work can only be done by a certified playground installer. Ugh.

City received names of 7 firms, all in PA. None in NJ are certified. Only one responded. Not very responsive, tho.

This RFP for a vendor to handle more than one playground should resolve the lack of interest. Public works is NOT ALLOWED to do the repairs in accordance with insurance provider.

It’s more difficult to repair, than to replace with new equipment.

Titus field needs: playing surface, border, repair fence, repair or replace roundabout.

Firemen’s playground at Derby ave- improve or mulch surface, border, replace swing set.

LIBRARY BUILDING- rfp for repair of windows, exterior molding, accessible rear entry, windows in community room, clock tower. priority, especially any safety or access issues, however the extent of improvement depends on bid amounts and available capital funding in bond ordinance.

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