Ventnor BUZZ. Bye Bye WAWA and More Buzz

Breaking Ventnor News: Dorset Ave WAWA closes.

Will Dunkin Donuts build next to Tutto Fresco…or not? Is that old gas station property ‘clean’?

Speaking of eyesores….Ventnor Movie theater needs to be knocked down. Pronto.

Ventnor will once again try to auction off a liquor license. this time for $75k. Nobody wanted it for $100k. We think $50k-$60k is the sweet spot.

And for those who asked, much of the beach-widening from this past summer, has already been eroded away.

Will this liquor store FINALLY be sold? Via recent auction…. it’s now under contract. BUT…..that does NOT mean it’s sold yet. We PRAY new owners close on this property at the corner of Little Rock & Atlantic Ave in Ventnor.

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