Ventnor BUZZ. Movie Update And Other Ventnor NJ News.

Ventnor Movie Construction
Ventnor Movie Construction

Lot’s of activity in Ventnor. Most noticeable, is the work going on at the former Ventnor Twin Movie Theater. Due to unforeseen structural issues, the theater has undergone some additional beefing up. Heck, this is an old building. Let’s make it safe and strong.

We hope the soon-to-be Ventnor Square Theater will open for Summer visitors.

Residential construction along the Ventnor Boardwalk. Yes, many homeowners LOVE being next to the beach….and Boardwalk.

A lovely new home, in the St. Leonard Tract section of Ventnor.

Maybe you’re not home on trash day?

2nd homeowners in Margate, Ventnor and Longport are happy to know that their properties will be kept tidy while they’re NOT in town.

A growing little company called FLYNN’S BINS will make sure your trash is taken out….and taken back in…while you’re away. They take out full trash bins and return empty bins. They’re a local family with service available year round.

Flynn’s Bins:  Call: (609) 822-9078

Ventnor Icon.

The iconic Ventnor City lifeguard boat has a new home. Right across the street from it’s previous perch.

New construction forced the boat to find a new place to dock.

4 thoughts on “Ventnor BUZZ. Movie Update And Other Ventnor NJ News.”

  1. Glenn L Silverstein

    I am more concerned about maintaining homeowner parking around the theatre than its construction progress.

  2. The people living in North Beach aren’t worried about the parking situation. We are all looking forward to the theater and the bar restaurant that comes with it.

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