Ventnor is BUZZING with New Investment for SUMMER 2015

What’s Buzzing in Ventnor. Where do we begin? Let’s start with the local tourism trade.

Efforts underway to increase the ‘Bed & Breakfast’ industry in Ventnor. Our quaint and full-of-character homes are perfectly suited for this short term stay option. Cape May is just one example of the amazing opportunities in the Bed & Breakfast trade.

See Come Wright Inn Ventnor Bed & Breakfast. 

Substantial construction projects are going on along the Ventnor Boardwalk. Those driving through town never see this massive influx of Real Estate investment, construction and upgrades. It’s quite impressive.

Nothing better than a glass of wine with your meal. That’s why we were quite pleased to learn that Ventnor restaurants might be able to serve wine if associated with a local NJ Vineyards. We think that’s a fact…..and will work to confirm that piece of info.

Ventnor Vacation Rentals. Could Ventnor start seeing an uptick in the weekly vacation rental market? Yup.

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