Ventnor Changes Atlantic City School Board Rep, Again.

Michael Cupeles

For the 4th time in a year, Ventnor will change their representation on the Atlantic City School Board.

Michael Cupeles will now represent students, parents, and all taxpayers of Ventnor as a member of AC’s School Board.

Ventnor is a ‘sending district’ to Atlantic City High School and gets a seat on the board.

Ventnor gets a vote on most issues like: student sex abuse investigations, executive pay raises and hiring.

Cupeles replaces Michael Advena, who lasted only a few months.

Prior to Advena, Joe McDevitt was the Ventnor rep. Sadly, McDevitt tragically passed away after a short tenure on the Board.

McDevitt was appointed in November 2020 to replace Kim Bassford. It’s unknown why Bassford voted NO to an independent investigation into student sex abuse within the Atlantic City School District.

Atlantic City still searching for a school superintendent who would replace embattled, Barry Caldwell.

Atlantic City parents want Caldwell to resign.

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The Atlantic City Board of Education wants to extend the superintendent Caldwell’s contract for one year. The deal will cost taxpayers $220,000, in addition to higher payments for Caldwell’s pension.

Caldwell, will get a 12% raise on top of his annual salary of $196,584. That doesn’t include premium health care, pension and other benefits.

Allegations of gross mismanagement of a student sex abuse scandal and rising school violence. Caldwell says he will stay on until a new school superintendent is found.

Mayor Marty Small & ACHS principal LaQuetta Small. Their cousin is Kayan Frazier, who worked for Pennsylvania Avenue School.

Frazier plead guilty in federal court to child exploitation involving sexual abuse and child pornography.

Did Principal La’Quetta Small do enough to keep her cousin away from kids? Even after getting caught, how did Frazier get a NJ State job with children?

Frazier, a relative of LaQuetta and Marty Small, is also charged with sexual abuse of a student at the Pennsylvania Ave School between 2015 and 2017.

7 thoughts on “Ventnor Changes Atlantic City School Board Rep, Again.”

    1. Michael Cupeles is a good man. He is not a creep. I worked with him for years. Your comment is very rude.

  1. John Ciminera

    This is the bizarre country we live in. How does this corruption continue with the full knowledge of the authorities. Wake up people. Wonder why your taxes are the highest in the free world?

  2. Linda – kindly post a picture of yourself, so we can make a character judgement on you based solely on your appearance, as you have done. You can’t be serious, right?

  3. John – the US actually has one of the LOWER tax rates of all the high wealth countries on the world. It’s not even close to the highest. Sorry to let the facts get in the way of a rant.

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