Ventnor City Hall To Get $100k in Security Upgrades

Ventnor City Hall
Ventnor City Hall

It’s $100,000 worth of security upgrades for Ventnor City Hall. The classic building on Atlantic, between Cambridge and Sacramento will soon be more secure.

Ventnor Commissioners vote yes to the security investment.

  • Install security equipment
  • Cameras
  • Electronic door locks
Ventnor City Hall
Ventnor City Hall

Some benefits of new, Ventnor City Hall security upgrade:

City employees will have better protection against intruders. The building will be better secured during off-hours.

Police Chief Doug Biagi and the Ventnor Police Department helped develop the City Hall security plan.

  • All interior doors will have key code locks.
  • The security system will video record all entry & exit points.

Rest rooms will be closed to the public, after business hours and on weekends. After hour access to Ventnor City Hall will be through the Cambridge Avenue entrance.

2 thoughts on “Ventnor City Hall To Get $100k in Security Upgrades”

  1. If having the police station in the building isn’t enough security Ventnor has a major problem. Waste of taxpayers dollars.

  2. Secured from what or whom? Are there burglary or trespassing problems? Think more and better before spending that kind of money for perhaps a non-problem or better yet call or alert the police in the building.????.

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