Ventnor Closes Boardwalk & Beaches. Atlantic City Defies Recommendation To Shutter Theirs.

Finally bowing to pressure from residents and the State of NJ, Ventnor officials will now close the Ventnor boardwalk and beach, effective noon, Thursday, April 3rd.

Last week, Ventnor Mayor Beth Holtzman said people are not following the governor’s executive order regarding social distancing. Too many on the boardwalk. Walking in groups. Not keeping 6 ft apart from each other.

On April 3 at 12 noon, Ventnor will lock down the boardwalk & beach from Jackson Ave (border of AC) to the Margate border at Fredericksburg Ave.

NOTE: To date, Mayor Marty Small of Atlantic City has ignored recommendations to close the AC Boardwalk, which connects with Ventnor’s Boardwalk.

Watch for dense collection of boardwalkers on AC Boardwalk starting at noon, April 3.

Ventnor Police will enforce the boardwalk shutdown.

CLOSED: All ramps, pavilions, steps and walkways leading to and from the beach and boardwalk as well as the entire Ventnor fishing pier. No beach vehicles. No surfing. No fishing.

Violators could face a $1,000 fine and 6 months in jail.

Mayor Holtzman is noticing amount of out-of-state license plates in Ventnor.

NJ Gov. Phil Murphy wants second-homeowners to shelter in their primary residence.

As of April 2, Ventnor has at least 2 confirmed coronavirus cases.

Commissioner of Public Safety Tim Kriebel was compelled to close the boardwalk and beach to avoid any further spread of this life-threatening virus.

City of Ventnor Executive Order

Effective April 3rd, 2020 at 12:00 Noon until further notice Due to the Covid-19 outbreak and the necessity for complete Social Distancing, the City of Ventnor is closing its boardwalk and beaches until further notice to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The entire length of the municipal boardwalk from Jackson Avenue to Fredericksburg Avenue and the entire length of the municipal beach (from the border of Atlantic City to the border of Margate City) shall be closed to any public use until further notice. This includes any and all ramps, pavilions, steps and walkways leading to and from the beach and boardwalk as well as the entire fishing pier. All 4×4 Vehicle Beach Permits are no longer valid for use on the beach as well. Those found to be in violation of this Executive Order will be issued a summons and face fines up to $1000.00 and 6 months in jail. (NJSA App.A:9-49)

18 thoughts on “Ventnor Closes Boardwalk & Beaches. Atlantic City Defies Recommendation To Shutter Theirs.”

  1. Jeez, Ventnor, only 3 weeks too late.

    Now that we know the virus can be spread through breathing, have to wonder how many people were infected on the boardwalk before the shutdown. Epically dumb.

    Stay inside.

  2. Why do people think they will get more infected on the BW and not the sidewalks walking in groups? By closing the BW and the Beach the city is shutting down its parks and compressing everyone that is outside walking running etc. It’s a bad move. The logic is flawed to say the least it’s paranoid. What is really being done here is an attempt to keep “outsiders” from entering Ventnor and impossible task. It’s an hysterical over reaction to the social distancing order.

    1. No, the purpose is to keep people home. People are treating this like a vacation and we have confirmed infected in the area. Asymptomatic people will be in the boardwalk crowds and spread it to whoever is in breathing distance.

      The reason the government hasn’t placed the nation in full lockdown is that they don’t want to spread panic. But people aren’t being responsible. So there’s no other choice but to lock down everything.

      No one cares about your house, social life, or taxes you pay. We care about the lives of our loved ones. Stay home and shut up.

      1. No one should be moving at all. All non-essential is restricted. This isn’t a holiday.

        We’re all in a figurative mine field. The more you move, the more your chances of stepping on a mine. If you step on a mine, you don’t only take out yourself, but also the people around you.

        Moral of the story… DON’T MOVE.

  3. Why don’t the shore communities check for local licenses and prohibit access to shore towns to out of area people. Access to shore towns was denied during Superstorm Sandy and less lives were at stake.

  4. Patti, it’s probably too late to shut down the bridges now. That should have happened 2-3 weeks ago. The virus is on the island, so there’s no stopping it beside staying inside to prevent the spread.

    We should still try to discourage people from coming here so that the hospitals aren’t overrun. We have 2 case now. If we assume everyone sick infects 2 people, that’s 2048 cases in 10+ days from now. That’s roughly 400+ people that will need medical care. I don’t know what the local hospital capacity is, but that’s a hell of a lot of sick people. Another 10 days from that with uncontrolled spread… forget about it.

    Stay inside, everyone.

    1. I live on the beach and I was really upset seeing groups of people on Ventnor boardwalk they were not 6 feet apart it was like a holiday they weren’t even walking they were just standing around talking. And I don’t understand how Airbnb prople r still renting places out in Brigantine now that should not be allowed!!!

    2. Shut the bridges down? I am in NJ and PA pretty equal. There is a hell of a lot more traffic with NJ plates going into PA for work. What happens after April 30th. I will tell you. There will be tons of people flocking into NJ. No matter if your a local you have to be considerate and smart.

      1. Great plan. Lots of people coming to the state with the 2nd highest infection numbers.

        People should be leaving NJ. Would you go to the Bahamas for heart surgery? Yeah, going to the NJ coast for a life saving procedure is equally dumb.

        Is this Survival of the Fittest? Nah, this is Survival of the Smartest.

  5. michael murphy GRI,CRS,B.S. remax hall of fame

    good idea ventnor to shut the boardwalk and beach but if Atlantic city doesnt shut down people will just walk down to ac all the beaches and boardwalk should be shut down on abescon island all beaches and boards

  6. Small sacrifices pay big dividends. No restriction comes easy. Making the best decisions with the information available in the here and now….Good Call.

  7. If I own a home in Ventnor, I own a home in Ventnor! I have the same right as any resident to go to home. I pay the same taxes, cable, electric, gas… as the year rounders do. To call us 6 month a year residents what we should do is an outrage. We all have rights, and your don’t supersede mine. When the name calling starts, (shoebies) it shows how stupid and ignorant some people can be. People we are all neighbors, take care of yourself, and you’ll nothing to worry about. To worry about everyone else is just looking for trouble. PS if you are sheltering at home, how do you know so much about bridge traffic and all that’s going on outside?

    1. Did you put Ventnor as you primary residence on your taxes? No? Then the experts don’t know you’re in Ventnor. An artificially low population count leads to inadequate supplies for first responders.

      This is about resource management. You aren’t good at it, so try to be less loud.

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