Ventnor Commissioners Cancel Einwechter & Puerto Rico Fundraiser TownHall Meeting

Ventnor Einwechter, Lance Landgraf, Holtzman, Kriebel
Einwechter, Landgraf, Holtzman, Kriebel

Ventnor commissioners have cancelled the scheduled, highly anticipated town hall meeting about the Puerto Rico fundraiser problems, concerning the city and Amazing Ventnor promoter, Michael Einwechter.

The community meeting scheduled for Dec. 21 at Ventnor City Hall. Predicted to be standing room only, residents and volunteers wanted clarity on this situation. Approx $20,000 in donations never made it to the intended victims, those devastated by the recent hurricane in Puerto Rico.

Ventnor Commissioners; Lance Landgraf, Tim Kriebel & Beth Holtzman postpone meeting about Puerto Rico fundraiser scandal.

To avoid the possibility of harming the investigation into the alleged mishandling of the October 15 Puerto Rico fundraiser, Ventnor Commissioners wanted the Town Hall postponed until the investigation has concluded. Since the arrest and charges against Einwechter, residents have reached out to Police Chief Biagi, Commissioners Lance Landgraf, Tim Kriebel and Mayor Beth Holtzman.

At this point, they want Ventnor residents and anyone else affected, to contact them on a one-to-one basis.

You can also contact Ventnor Police Chief, Doug Biagi directly if you have any information that may be helpful in the investigation.

The Ventnor public town hall meeting, originally scheduled for DEC 21, was meant to clarify a few key issues.

#1. The accused individual, Michael Einwechter, formerly of Amazing Ventnor, Ventnor Tourism and Ventnor Coffee, is NOT an employee of the City of Ventnor. Einwechter, 38, has been often accused of misrepresenting himself as some form of Ventnor marketing arm.

Moving forward, Ventnor commissioners have promised to employ more rigorous standards to any vendor or promoter, to ensure the city and public are protected.

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