Ventnor Commissioners Consider Pickleball Expansion

Does Ventnor need more pickleball courts? A growing group of ‘picklers’ think so.

Tennis players are slowly migrating to Pickleball. Tennis still popular, but seemingly has plateaued.

On Jan 13, 2022, Ventnor Commissioners heard from those wanting more Pickleball courts.

This fun game with the weird name has captured our attention.

We haven’t picked up a tennis racket in years. We need more places to play pickleball.

  • Relatively easy to learn.
  • Have fun on DAY #1.
  • More mass appeal. Tennis, less so.
  • Attractive to ages 50+.
  • More social & fun.
  • Less strain on the joints.
  • Easier to play. Cheaper too.
Ventnor Pickleball. Ventnor Business.

Demand for pickleball growing fast.

Question: Why convert 1 tennis court into 4 pickleball courts? Answer: Instead of just 2 tennis players having fun, 16 pickleball players are having fun.

In Pickleball, ‘doubles’ is the norm. Tennis ‘doubles’ seems to be relatively rare.

Think last year was crazy? Wait til Summer 2022. Expect much larger crowds. Longer waits for court time.

No ‘open play’ in tennis, whereas pickleball ‘open play’ is commonplace. During managed open play during the summer, Ventnor keeps 45 picklers happy for 90 minutes.

Ventnor Pickleball

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14 thoughts on “Ventnor Commissioners Consider Pickleball Expansion”

  1. Ventnor Pickler

    Can we consider building additional courts near VCCC? How about Titus Field? These locations could be helpful for beginners, especially during busy summer times.

  2. In the summer there are more teens and young kids, especially grandchildren who come to visit. They love playing tennis on Ventnor courts, especially near boardwalk.

    I don’t think seniors should usurp all the courts and should consider other groups of people who love the sport of tennis.

  3. Though many residents that play pickleball may be older, pickleball is now appealing to a younger crowd as well.

    It’s being taught in phys-ed classes across the nation. I’ve seen grandparents play with their grandchildren, and whole families playing together.

    Being a tennis player as well, I don’t see tennis attracting anywhere close to the number of players that it used to… and never as many as Pickleball is now doing.

    Ventnor has a unique opportunity to possibly become a major, east coast Pickleball destination. Like Naples has become in Florida.

    Turning 2 tennis courts into 8 pickle ball courts is a no brainer.

    I would give thoughts to turning all of the tennis courts at this location into Pickleball courts and possibly adding four tennis courts at a location somewhere else in Ventnor. Ventnor could have a one of a kind beachfront venue.

    I know finances always play a big role and obviously Pickleball gives much more bang for the buck. Also has ability to produce some revenue to offset costs. Tennis at Ventnor does not have the possibility of doing this.

    So I and others would possibly still want to play tennis. There are still many locations to play and since tennis players don’t head to the courts without their opponents, they can easily decide in advance where to go.

    The social and economic benefits of increasing the pickleball venue is unquestionable. Ventnor has the opportunity to create something special and increase upon what has already been done.

  4. I have been playing tennis at the Ventnor courts for over 30 years. It is very upsetting to hear that more of the tennis courts are being considered to be turned into pickle ball courts.

    Originally, there were 7 tennis courts and now we are down to 5 courts. Why not consider putting the pickle ball courts elsewhere?

    It is very difficult to reserve a tennis court on weekends when many residents want to play. We are taxpayers and should have some say in this matter.

    1. The ‘say’ of taxpayers seems to favor pickle ball. So too does say of other facilities offering pickleball that are in high demand as well.

  5. Varsity at high schools is a tennis sport. Pickle ball is not. Students should have the opportunity to practice their tennis skill and improve on Ventnor courts in the summer Their parents pay high Ventnor taxes also .and these tennis courts give students a place to build their tennis ability.

    1. Except look at the courts in summer. For vast majority of time, it’s not kids playing.

      Brad’s points are very good ones. Both sports need to co-exist, but demand for pickle ball has and will continue to grow at expense of tennis.

  6. The appeal of tennis, especially among young people, has dwindled.

    Tennis courts across the country sit unused while pickleball courts are packed.

    Being primarily a tennis player, I hate to admit that tennis can be a little elitist.

    Pickleball is taking the world by storm. Top world players are now in their teens and twenties. Professional tournaments drawing bigger crowds, bigger prize money, more tv air-time.

    Pickleball will soon become a varsity sports program in schools, and an Olympic event.

    Pickleball is appealing to all age and skill levels.

    Pickleball courts are supplanting tennis courts by the thousands.

    While I’m sure tennis will always have its place, we must try to use our limited space and funds to meet the demands of most residents and visitors.

  7. Was happy to pay yearly fee to play pickleball last summer. Unfortunately, courts were so crowded on many weekends, I could not get to play.

    The only way to get an open spot, was to sign up a week in advance. If you didn’t do that early in the day, or were a day late, you could forget it.

    We really need more courts.

  8. At the very least, two more tennis courts should be turned into pickleball courts. So far, only two tennis courts have been turned into pickleball courts.

    More than half of players use courts playing pickleball. Using this fact if there was originally eight tennis courts, at least four or five of them should be turned into pickleball courts.

    It seems only fair. At least half of the space should be used for the majority of players.

  9. Tennis has been around over 100 years and is used by all ages in the summer! I grew up playing tennis on the Ventnor courts. I don’t mind one more pickleball court but keep the tennis courts available.

    1. Popularity of pickleball is exploding. Tennis is, at best, flat. But more realistically declining as it’s core audience is aging.

      There are countless articles / ads on this site for pickleball, none for tennis. It’s supply and demand. It’s business not personal.

      Take emotion out if it, and recognize simple realities.

  10. I think Barb has it right. At least half of the court space should be devoted to dedicated pickleball courts. Pickleball is much more inclusive and social. It certainly brings much more to our community. I think tennis is now primarily only serving a very small number in a very narrow demographic.

  11. Pickleball is certainly the future for the majority of players at a resort community.

    Ventnor is certainly undergoing a Renaissance. There’s no question that Pickleball is part of the new wave. Nothing against tennis, I love the sport.

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