Ventnor Commissioners Talk Dogs, Commercial Parking and Bikes

Watch video. Ventnor Commissioners and Police Chief Doug Biagi respond to trio of public safety issues on AUG 26.

Big dog vs little dog. Less-than-secure yards. No easy answers as dog ownership rising.

WATCH Ventnor Dog vs Dog.

Overnight Parking of Commercial Vehicles in Ventnor.

Sometimes an eyesore, often a necessity. Larger commercial vehicles create blind spots when turning corners.

Tweaks to city ordinance being considered. Would Ventnor consider a commercial lot?


Ventnor Bike Rules & City Ordinance.

OK to ride bike on sidewalks? Still no road diet. Bike lanes still thin & treacherous.

Motorized electric (e) bikes not discussed. Safety & rider etiquette.


3 thoughts on “Ventnor Commissioners Talk Dogs, Commercial Parking and Bikes”

  1. Bicycles should have bells or horns to alert people they’re coming up behind them.

    I’ve seen five people riding together barely missing people walking on the boardwalk. That should definitely be a requirement.

    They don’t even alert people now and come so close to them it’s scary. Little kids, old people, etc..

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