Ventnor Considers 2021 Outdoor Dining Plan

An outdoor dining renaissance in Ventnor. An unexpected byproduct of the socially-distanced, summer of 2020.

Some call it al fresco dining. Others simply call it eating on the sidewalk or street. Either way, it does provide a visually appealing boost to our Downbeach sidewalks and streets. But, there are down-sides.

Blocking pedestrian sidewalks. Some restaurants actually block and shut down streets. In some cases, Atlantic County gets involved if it’s a county roadway, like parts of Ventnor Ave.

Ventnor Outdoor Dining
Ventnor Outdoor Dining

Jimmy Agnesino, Code Enforcement official for Ventnor, says the current outdoor dining system doesn’t work. Space too limited. Tables can’t be near the curb. Must stay near buildings. Sidewalks too narrow.

2021 Ventnor outdoor dining rules for MAY 15 thru OCT 15.

Restaurants can apply for expanded use of sidewalks, but expect stricter, more precise rules for the 2021 summer season.

Enjoy outdoor dining. Breakfast at Agnes Cafe, dinner & drinks at Santucci’s. Lunch at Isabella’s or Northbeach Cafe.

Some challenges:

  • Pedestrian right of way.
  • Parts of Ventnor Ave controlled by Atlantic County.
  • Loss of parking spots.

Eateries may need to provide a layout sketch of their outdoor seating. What does Code Enforcement official Jimmy Agnesino think? Give PD a plan that no one will follow.

Agnes Cafe Ventnor
Agnes Cafe

Current Ventnor outdoor dining ordinance need updating.

  • Ventnor needs ‘hold harmless’ agreements and proof of proper insurance from local business if they want to use street or sidewalk.
  • Ventnor could have a (flat fee) permit requirement by this June, all to protect the City of Ventnor.

Hanna G blocking that whole sidewalk for years.

Jimmy Agnesino, Code Enforcement Official

Maria Gatto of Red Room wants to do another street tent on Monmouth Ave. We can only assume that Bocca in Margate wants the same thing.

NJ Gov Murphy’s lockdown continues. Almost 14 months so far. Restaurants barely holding on with indoor capacity limits of 50%. Exterior dining critically important to many of these small, mom n pop foodie spots.

4 thoughts on “Ventnor Considers 2021 Outdoor Dining Plan”

  1. I love all the outdoor dining! It really looks so nice when you are driving by and even better when you snag an outside table. Don’t ever stop!

  2. Let’s support the local restaurants but equally important is they need the elected officials to do what’s right during an ongoing pandemic and support them by not leveling additional cost on them just to put tables and chairs on the sidewalks regardless of the threat of law suits.

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