Ventnor Considers Removing Deputy Police Chief Position

WATCH VIDEO from 2.27.2020

Downsizing VCPD. Should City leaders remove the Ventnor Deputy Chief position?

Ventnor Police PBA Union is asking: Why do Commissioners want to remove this position?

Mayor Beth Holtzman asks City Solicitor Maguire: I want this tabled. I don’t want this voted on tonight. I’m not comfortable with this.

2020-002- An Ordinance amending Chapter 38 “Police Department” deleting in its entirety section 38-10 “Deputy Chief” from the code of the City of Ventnor.

Commissioner of Public Safety Tim Kriebel: the (VCPD) org chart is purview of Chief Biagi. It’s within his contract rights. He gives us recommendations.

Kriebel: We either act on them or we don’t. This position was part of restructuring to reduce staff. His (Chief Biagi’s) recommendation to reduce staff. Commissioner Kriebel agrees with Biagi.

Mayor Beth wanted to table the discussion and vote. ‘Put it on hold’. Says she wasn’t involved with any discussion of this. Neither was Landgraf.

Ventnor Business Admin Maria Mento disagreed with Mayor Holtzman’s request to stop the vote.

Ventnor PBA: Removal of position and further reduction of manpower could have negative effect on quality of life. Please postpone this decision.

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