Ventnor Continues to Upgrade Popular Pickleball Courts

The ever-evolving pickleball facilities in Ventnor, they keep getting better.

A new, 6ft chain link fence was just installed to separate the main courts. Excellent work by Progressive Fencing replacing the old net divider that seen better days. The install team at Progressive were professional and precise. They took time to make sure measurements and installation were flawless. From our view, it was.

Progressive Fence Ventnor
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Closer to pickleball perfection in Ventnor; by the beach, boardwalk and awesome C-Sure Playground for kids.

Currently, Ventnor offers 7 dedicated pickleball courts. When needed, 2 portable pickleball nets can be used on an un-used tennis court. (this is called a ‘blended’ court)

How did Downbeach Pickleball progress over the years?

Four rarely used tennis courts were converted into Ventnor’s current 6, dedicated pickleball courts.

Five tennis courts still remain in Ventnor. Note: there was a whiff of discussion for converting another tennis court into 4 additional pickleball courts. Also, the idea of converting Ventnor’s basketball court into 3 pickleball courts was floated. New basketball courts would presumably be built at another Ventnor location. Contact Ventnor Recreation for current status of that idea.

10ft practice wall converted into Ventnor’s ‘challenge court’ where skilled/advanced winners take on challengers.

Ventnor Pickleball
Old Practice Wall, Pre-Challenge Court.

Adoption of Court Reserve app that allows easy way to digitally reserve a spot on the courts.

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4 thoughts on “Ventnor Continues to Upgrade Popular Pickleball Courts”

    1. Just the contrary, basketball is woven into the fabric of the Jersey Shore and Ventnor specifically. It would be shortsighted to remove basketball for a “high brow” sport like pickle ball. The Ventnor Basketball courts have served thousands of residents over the last 50 yrs and hopefully will continue to serve.

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