Ventnor Covid 19 Virus Information

Ventnor City government is responding to our shared public responsibility to limit the risk of transmitting coronavirus (COVID-19). All Ventnor City buildings will be closed to the public.

The senior shuttle will still operate on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at this time for essential transportation, like doctor visits or food shopping.

These new and precautionary measures will impact the way the public communicates, but all departments and services will continue to operate. To avoid close contact, we encourage you to communicate with the City via telephone, email, and social media whenever possible.

These precautions will be in place for at least two weeks and likely longer as conditions and guidance dictates. This is a very fluid situation and adjustments to our plans may change rapidly. The entire country is in uncharted territory as we respond to this worldwide crisis. We ask that everybody, including city team members, year-round residents, seasonal homeowners and guests, take common-sense precautions to limit the risk of transmission.


In an attempt to contain COVID 19 / Coronavirus throughout the State, effective Tuesday 3/17/2020, all City of Ventnor public buildings are hereby closed to the general public, until further notice.

Residents and property owners are reminded that in the case of emergency to please dial 9-1-1. The non-emergency number is 609.822.2101

Access to city government as defined below.

Public Safety
Police, fire and all emergency operations will function as normal, with no changes to service and response. Fire Prevention Bureau has suspended inspections until further notice.

All communications by phone, email, fax and online will be available as normal. Correspondence can be left at the City’s drop box located at the Cambridge Avenue entrance or sent through regular mail. Purchase orders will continue to be processed and can be returned via mail or email at

Tax Collections
Payments for taxes and water/sewer will continue to be accepted via mail or via our website at To deliver your payment in person, use the drop box located at the Cambridge Avenue entrance. If you choose to use the drop box and would like confirmation of receipt, please leave your preferred contact information. Contact 609.823.7971 or 609.823.7912 or email with any questions or concerns regarding your tax or water/sewer payment.

Tax Assessment
The office is open to answer any questions and process deeds. The deadline for tax appeals is still April 1. You can reach the tax assessor at or 609.823.7911

Construction and Code Enforcement
There will be no construction, housing or mercantile inspections until further notice. All paperwork/permits are to be dropped of via the drop box located on the Cambridge Avenue side of city hall. Payments are to be checks only, made to the City of Ventnor and must state related property address. All planning and zoning board meetings, workshops and court dates are canceled until further notice. Appointments that involve inside access to properties will be postponed. Visit the city’s website for all construction and housing paperwork. Call 609.823.7987 for additional information.

Municipal Court
Any correspondence can be placed in the drop box. Please note “ COURTS” on the envelope. If you do not know the amount you have to pay for a ticket, contact the court office at 609.823.7906 for this or any other questions or concerns. There is no municipal court for the remainder of the month of March. No penalties or actions will be taken against any defendants during this suspension of court.

Municipal Clerk
The following will continue to be handled through the clerk’s office: dog licenses, mercantile licenses, certified copies for death, birth, marriage, all licensing such as taxi, mercantile, ice cream and sail boats. You can drop the related material in the drop box located at the Cambridge Avenue entrance or via mail. Call 609.823.7904 for any needed guidance. In person beach badge sales will be suspended during this two-week period. You can still purchase tags via viply online or via mail.

Public Works and Water & Sewer
Operations will continue as usual as manpower permits. Access to the DPW building will be restricted to employees and deliveries only. The office is reachable by calling 609.823.7935 or via email at or Appointments that involve inside access to residential properties will be postponed.

Cultural Arts
All activities, classes, programs and events have been postponed until further notice. For additional information, please call 609.823.7952.

All activities, classes, and events have been postponed until further notice. All city recreation fields are closed to large groups and teams for practice or play. The recreation office is closed to public access. The library and community building will be closed. To reach someone from recreation please email or call 609.823.7950 or 609.823.7951 between the hours of 7:30 am to 3:00 pm. After 3:00 pm call 609.839.4797.

To reach the Mayor and Commissioners, please email,, and; or call/email Patti Kedziora at or 609.823.7900.

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