Ventnor Cracking Down On Non-Compliant Signage

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Too Many Signs?

Adhere to the Ventnor City signage ordinances, or else. You may get a visit from Ventnor Zoning Official, Jimmie Agnesino.

Ventnor City reminds businesses to comply with local Ventnor City signage ordinances.

The City of Ventnor wants local business, contractors, real estate offices, construction sites to comply  with the City’s existing ordinance. Acceptable signage must properly maintained.

Jimmie Agnesino

Zoning Officer and Construction Code Official Jimmy Agnesino will enforce the current sign ordinance. Regulations target size and location of various signage. Contractors, builders, real estate agents, digital signs, as well as awning signs.

The current Ventnor sign ordinance has been in place for many years. Looks like it was seldom enforced. Enforcement mainly happened when complaints were filed.

Ventnor contractors, builders, realtors and businesses take note:

Such signs shall be erected only on the property where such work is being performed. The size of such signs shall not exceed four square feet. Such signs shall not be placed before the work commences and shall be removed within one week of completion of work.

At no time shall there be more than one temporary sign permitted on the property regardless of the number of trades performing work.

  • A sign plan shall be submitted that demonstrates a coordination of signs and graphics for site plan review. The plan shall include details on letter style, lighting, color, construction and materials and location. The sign plan shall be based on an integrated design theme and shall be designed so as to be in harmony and consistent with each other and the design of the proposed development.
  • No sign shall project over any sidewalk nor extend beyond any property line.
  • Signs shall have no moving parts or flashing effect and shall have an external light source designed so as to prevent glare.
  • Window signs may be used, provided that the area does not exceed 15% of the total window area and the total sign area does not exceed the standards for the individual use.
  • Awning signs and awnings may be used, provided that the lettering appears on the vertical front or side flaps and that no part of the lettering is greater than 10 inches in height. Also, the awning must not protrude greater than six feet from the building and the main support frame must be at a height of six feet eight inches above sidewalk grade.
  • The painting of signs directly on a wall, window or other portion of a building is prohibited.

Ventnor Sign Ordinance Violation Notice


In the past, Ventnor officials chose not to enforce the regulations, reports Agnesino.

The Ventnor ordinance regulates signage on buildings, sandwich boards, lawn signs and banners. Signage must look professional and be properly maintained.

Even store front windows filled with too much signage might be in violation. Blocked views inside a business property can also be seen as a potential safety issue too.

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