Ventnor Dredging, Dune Building & Beach Work Starts August 11

Here’s the schedule for Summer 2017 beach replenishment and dune building in Ventnor. Major work will be in effect from Richards Ave to Fredericksburg Ave. This section of beachfront is closest to Margate. It’s also the only part of the Ventnor boardwalk with un-obstructed views of the beach & water.

Many fear large dunes & obstructed views will affect Real Estate values & one of Ventnor’s best attractions: our boardwalk.

Beginning August 11, the Army Corps of Engineers will use Weeks Marine to complete the dune and berm system in Ventnor. Work will be a 24/7, round the clock operation. Weeks Marine will also do work in Margate , Longport and Atlantic City.

Brigantine Beach SAND !! Jan 2013

3.8 million cubic yards of sand will be dredged from just offshore of our Ventnor & Margate beaches.

The sand will then be pumped through 36 inch steel pipes and dumped onto the beach. Similar to Margate, up to 1,000 ft of beach could be fenced off at any one time.

The dredged and dumped sand is then bull-dozed into a dune and berm system along the shores of Ventnor.

Once completed by October, construction of dune crossovers and sand fencing will take place. Dune grass plantings will occur in the Spring of 2018.

While this dune project is covered by Federal funding tied to Sandy relief, Ventnor taxpayers will cover a portion of future costs of dredging & beach replenishment.

In Ventnor, the SUMMER 2017 Schedule for Dune Building:

  • AUG 11  – AUG 31 :  Pre-placement condition surveys
  • AUG 25 – AUG 29 :  Setup pipeline and booster
  • SEPT 1 – OCT 5 :  Beachfill operation
  • OCT 6  – OCT 12 :  Post placement condition surveys
  • OCT 6 – OCT 28 :  Demobilize equipment/dredge


2 thoughts on “Ventnor Dredging, Dune Building & Beach Work Starts August 11”

  1. Glenn Klotz Says:
    There is absolutely no reason to do the Project like this except to deliver the maximum amount of retribution upon Margate’s leadership, residents and taxpayers for resisting these people.

  2. Sharon Ianoale of Linwood Says:
    This schedule is insane, a 7 month project through towns that depend on summer revenue. There is no reason why this project can’t begin in September and end the following March or April. To begin in March and go through October sounds like nothing but retribution for fighting the Dune. So many tourists displaced by the project and so many businesess will suffer. Terrible planning

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