Ventnor Election Cycle Gets Early Start, Thanks to Harry Hurley.

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Albie & Harry. Changes within Ventnor City Hall?

WPG morning radio man, Harry Hurley, getting the Ventnor election cycle started a little early. Seems like Hurley wants to see a shake-up within Ventnor City Hall. His feelings were shared online via social media.

Hurley recently bumped into local legend, Albie Battaglia. Harry and Albie go back a lifetime. Both have deep roots in Ventnor.

From Harry Hurley: 8 years ago, Albie officially “lost” The Ventnor City Commission election by exactly one vote. He actually should have won the race by 3 votes.

There were four votes that were thrown out and should have been reinstated in his favor.

Albie would have been selected as Mayor [of Ventnor]

Albie never complained once. He accepted his unjust defeat like a true gentleman.

I hope he runs this upcoming May, 2020 in The Ventnor City Commission election.

Harry Hurley.

Hurley: At this stage of my life, I don’t support many candidates. I’ll be making an exception in Albie’s case if he decides to run.

Harry Hurley can be heard on WPG 1450 radio, and all across America on Fox News Radio.

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Can Albie Dethrone Someone in Current Administration?

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