Ventnor Faces Lawsuit over Surrey Ave Planning & Zoning Dispute

2.23.23. Planning Board Lawsuit Coming?

Ventnor Planning & Zoning officials under scrutiny again. Did Ventnor zoning officer make decision beyond his authorization status?

In St Leonard’s, a single file parking lane is on beach side of home. It used for parking and it also carries water out from back to front. Can’t do that anymore. Water gets trapped.

Instead of 12ft set back/buffer/driveway on beach side, it’s now just 5ft in this case.

In Ventnor, when you apply for building permit, you don’t need a full set of plans.

Surrey Ave Neighbor

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Lance landgraf Ventnor Planning Dispute
Another Ventnor Planning Board Dispute

Three major code violations, says Surrey Ave neighbor Marc Silver. It was brought to the attention of Ventnor City Hall about 6 to 8 months ago. This issue should have gone to Planning Board. Lawsuit to be filed this week, says Silver.

The Ventnor Planning Board is managed by acting mayor, Lance Landgraf.

Silver wants the CO (certificate of occupancy) withheld. Silver says he had no choice. Discuss conflict in public and threaten litigation to get Landgraf’s attention.

Did Ventnor zoning officer over-step his authority?

Video from FEB 9 2023

125 ft lots on the Ventnor beach block. Homes used to max out at 4,300 sq ft.  Now it’s 8,000 sq ft.

Surrey Ave.

Ventnor Commissioner of Public Safety, Tim Kriebel: I won’t comment if you’re about to file a lawsuit against the city.

Recently, a non-compliant notification process negatively affected Ventnor Plaza neighbors. Landgraf admitted the mistake was made; only notifying 11 out of required 33 neighbors. ‘Too bad & too late’ implied Landgraf.

Ventnor Planning Board and Zoning Officer under scrutiny.

Ventnor Beach Block.

Another reason why full transparency is mandatory. All public meetings must be live-streamed on ZOOM, and recorded for later viewing via YouTube. Just like other towns are doing.

Ventnor’s Lack of Planning Transparency.

Turn the ZOOM camera back on. Let remote viewers see construction blue prints, site plans and renderings. Allow remote participation. Landgraf is well aware that 75% of Ventnor tax revenue comes from non-voting, 2nd home-owners.

Before Surrey Ave construction.

Landgraf doesn’t like being challenged. Even when admittedly wrong. (Ventnor Plaza 200ft legal notification)

Zoning officer Jimmy Agnesino will look at grading subjectively? This question from Silver triggered Landgraf to immediately close the meeting.

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  1. K.I.S.S. = Keep it Simple Stupid!! TRANSPARENCY is the key!! All Planning / zoning and regular Council meetings need to be available to all residents via zoom / on line call in option. There is a very large number of Ventnor property owners that are secondary Ventnor residents and they deserve a voice and making a 5:30 Tuesday evening meeting in person is impossible for those owners. Let every body be heard and a very large percentage of problems can be avoided.

    Richard Gober

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