Ventnor Fire Department Assists in Rescue of Baby Ducks

Members of the Ventnor Fire Department lent a hand in saving a family of baby ducks that fell into a storm sewer, next to the Rite Aid on Ventnor Ave.

A dangerous trap for those small baby ducks trying to keep up with their mom.

Mary Lenahan reports via social media: A kind soul named Joanne found the ducklings in the storm drain by Rite Aid. She called the Ventnor FD. They got the ducklings out of the drain. Joanne then assisted them to walk from Rite Aid to the bay. One of the ducklings fell into yet another storm drain. Joanne pulled off the storm grate and got the baby out! I helped escort the birdies to the bay where they swam off with mama. She nested in the bushes near the handicapped spot of the Rite Aid parking lot. I was bringing her food and water for the past four weeks.

Video by Margate resident Harris Pogust of the Rite Aide part of the rescue and Shelby Simmons recorded the successful end to the rescue.

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